Virtual Gastric Band – Weight Loss Hypnosis

virutal gastric bandAfter trying numerous weight loss programs, tiring diets, depression that comes through craving, starvation, exhausting exercises and eventually not much of weight loss and frustration thereof, have you got a little insight that your mind is not in your control? Well, if you haven’t yet, now you will understand it, when I am telling it here. Remember how you craved for a bite of that lovely fragrant flavorful cake!

How to Stay Healthy during the Holidays

Holidays are times of celebration, happiness and togetherness. However, they do bring some challenges to both our physical and emotional well-being. We would like to share simple, yet effective tips for staying happy and healthy during the holiday season.…

Buying Just the Right Hearing Aids – What to Consider?

hearing aid buying tipsThe National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders says that nearly 1/3rd of the population between the age 65 and 74 and almost half of the population at and above 75 suffer from difficulty in hearing. Often viewed as comical by people with normal hearing, hearing loss can cause havoc in the life of the sufferer. It can not only impair her/his social life, but also increases the risk of falls by making the person less aware of their surrounding and hampering balance. It can also make driving hazardous. A hearing aid is a simple, non-invasive tool for improved hearing.

SOUL Nutrition – Freedom from Harmful Artificial Chemicals

SOUL from RainNutrition has become a great concern today. Just a few days ago, people were concerned about their weight (they are still concerned about that); today, they are more concerned about nutrition. This is because there is a greater awareness than before that what our body needs the most is nutrition. Our eating habits, our lifestyle, our routine and our working and relaxing hours have snatched nutrition from our body. There have very little sources left for us which can offer us pure nutrition like fresh vegetable, fruits, nuts, fish and meat, which nobody has time to buy, cook and then eat.…

3 Essential Workout Supplements – Should We Take Them?

importance of workout supplementsWhat is your intention behind workout? I hope it is health. Health is a broad term; you may want to remain active forever, or want to maintain a healthy weight, or in some cases even want to heal a pain. Have you taken the help of workout supplements to achieve your goal? Well, the truth is that it’s also important to remain healthy what you consume as it is to workout. It should be remembered too that people taking balanced meals and right amount of calories along with doing right amount of exercise need not take supplements. However, if you exercise vigorously but are eating wrong foods, your chances of …