Total Health with Hydrogen Water Generator

H2 WATERFULMost of us know that tap water contains many ingredients which we should not consume. These include heavy metals (from soil and rusted pipes), fluorides (added by municipalities), hormones (human and cattle drugs flushed down the drains) and drug residues. Although most people focus on purification of water, it has been observed that converting filtered water to alkaline, antioxidant water can give us a lot more benefits. This transformed filtered water is referred to as hydrogen water. – Full Benefits of the Hot Tub Treatment

Medical SpaDo you believe that a spa is beneficial for you? Do you feel that you feel more energetic, more relaxed and healthier  every day, when you take a spa treatment? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, just think how much more you will be benefited by a spa designed by doctors? If the spa has been created by doctors, the doctors have paid keen attention to each and every part of the spa with a thought of giving optimum benefits to the user.  Medical Spa™, is now available and here are its tremendous benefits.

Atlasprofilax Therapy and Method – A New Ray of Hope for Sufferers of Pains and Aches

atlasAtlasprofilax is a technique of neuromuscular massage focusing on short neck muscles, i.e. the suboccipital muscles that surround as well as stabilize head joints, viz. skull, axis vertebrae and atlas. The principle behind this is to bring the atlas back into its natural position with a vibrational massage of short neck muscles. AtlasPROfilax is supposed to be a safe, non-invasive technique that provides instant and long lasting relief.…

Great Health Benefits of Medical Sauna

medical saunasSauna is being used since centuries for its incredible health benefits. Besides the health benefits, several people just enjoy sitting inside a sauna to relax. Beyond relaxation, sauna can offer many additional benefits which are interesting to see.

Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens Superfood Review

Kylea Total Living Drink GreensDo you get frustrated with the thought that you know everything about nutrition and healthy eating, but just because of lack of time you can’t eat healthy and nutritious, and have to eat anything you get, and so you are gaining weight and have a lot of health problems and weakness? Perhaps your frustration is about to end because you have to drink just a glass of a super-drink and you get all the nutrition required everyday! You need not go from stall to stall to shop for veggies and fruits, cut, chop or juice them, or cook or bake your whole grain, pulses, eggs, fish or meat; just buy …