A wonderful program to treat cellulite

celluliteThe standing fat cell chambers are separated by the tessuto connettivo. From these fat cell chambers small projections of fat cell protrude into the dermis causing unevenness and give a bumpy look which is called cellulite. Cellulite is found to be more in case of women than men. For many women this is a big dampener to their lifestyle and confidence as well. To get their former look back ladies resort to many treatment starting from anti cellulite creams to cellulite reducing massages to god knows what other stuffs. But none of them bring them the results; forget about complete removal, they are not even halfway there.

5 Top Tips on How to Grow Hair Longer

how to get longer hairMost women crave for long hair; no doubt, long hair is a symbol of beauty and health. When there is not any health problem in your hair, like dandruff, split ends, rough hair, etc, only then your hair grows longer. Therefore it is important to take care of your health first if you are always thinking of how to get longer hair. Here are some other tips.

Caring for Grey Hair

grey hair careAt some or the other point of life you have to accept grey hair. However, unlike many people believe, ‘grey’ is not a pigment in hair in itself. It’s actually a color created by a blend of normally pigmented hair intermingled with the white ones. Hair becomes totally grey, when your all hair pigment cells stop growing. It was thought that people with dark hair turn grey sooner than others. But it’s not so. Actually, their graying is more obvious, than those with fair or blonde hair.

FUE Method of Hair Transplantation – An Overview

FUE hair transplantSince ages, man is conscious about his hair. And if it starts falling, nothing frightens him more. Fortunately, today there are advanced methods whereby we can get back our lost hair and be saved from being ridiculed as “baldy”. One such fantastic method is FUE, i.e. Follicular Unit Extraction. This is a hair transplant surgery which involves extraction or “harvesting” of donor hair in a follicular unit. This surgery is characterized by the use of a special device to create a small round cut in the skin surrounding a follicular unit, disconnecting it from the rest of the tissue. Further, the unit is extracted from the scalp, so that a …