Thyroid related eye problems

thyroid-related eye problemsThyroid eye disease is a condition in which eye sockets swell and bulge out due to auto immune disorder. This mostly occurs in patients of hyperthyroidism. Although TED is often confused with Grave’s disease, there is a thin line of difference between the two.

Sick and Tired, Yet Don’t Know What To Do with Lyme Disease? Help is Here!

Living with Lyme FundLyme Disease is painful, confusing and expensive. A pioneering company is doing its best to give back to the community in which it was founded upon. In honor of Lyme Disease Awareness Month, Balanced Health is awarding $2000 worth of services to those in need! This national company specializing in scanning and holistic services is searching for one new client to take on free of charge for three months.…

Common Eye Problems and Eye Health

red eyeIt’s usually seen that we are quite serious about weight, heart, blood sugar and other such serious issues; but we hardly bother to get a regular eye checkup. Only if we get some problem like a red eye, we try to find remedies for broken blood vessel in eye or visit an optician if our vision seems to be blurring. But, our eyes are really invaluable and you can imagine, what our condition would be if they are lost. Eyes are exposed to many small and big problems. Here are some such problems and their cure.

How Can Diabetes Be Reversed

diabetes 1In the U.S. diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death and it doubles the risk of stroke and heart attack. What many people don’t know is that type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease, meaning your diet regime can either promote or prevent insulin resistance and diabetes. Reversing diabetes is a term we use to describe reversing the progression of the illness and interventions which reduce dependence on diabetes type 2 medications. So how can diabetes be reversed? …

Breast Cancer Prevention – A New Insight

take breast cancer off your menu bookAny type of cancer is fearsome. But the rate of spread of breast cancer in women is even more fearsome. Research is continuously going on to prevent this monster and scientists are getting success sparingly; however, it’s very important that every woman should know and become aware of the facts about it – what they can do, eat or drink, and how they can behave and make changes in their lifestyle so that risks can be minimized. It is with this intention, that Hilda Glickman has written an excellent e-book named Take Breast Cancer off Your Menu which will prove an eye-opener for you.…