getting into shapeDo you find yourself among those who make resolutions on the New Year and soon break them? I have heard of many resolutions – some resolve to quit smoking and/or alcohol, some others resolve to work hard, while still there are some others who resolve to start social work seriously, and so on and on. One of the most popular and interesting amongst these resolutions is to get into a better shape in the New Year. Let me tell you, if you are making and breaking it for last some years, don’t repeat the trend in 2015. Getting into a better shape is not only to add to your beauty, but is also healthy. A healthy waist-to-hip ratio and body mass index (BMI) are both essential to keep critical illnesses at bay. And though you will find them cumbersome at the starting, the efforts will be re-energizing you, which will encourage you to go ahead.

Smart Workout

You have heard the difference between hard work and smart work. For the workout too, you can apply the same rule of doing it smartly. Reasons may be many – prime reason (in most people) may be you are lazy or busy. Whatever is your reason, you have to overcome it and make yourself active. Remember that just like parts of an inactive machine get rusted soon, your muscles and organs become inactive if you don’t make them work. Some of you may not have enough time. Here the smart workout steps in.

  • Whenever you visit an upper floor of a skyscraper, maybe it is your home, or office, or mall, or any other place, make it a point to climb the stairs rather than using an elevator or escalator. If you have to reach a very high floor, you can mix using steps to some floors and elevators to others.
  • Rather than a desk chair, make use of an exercise ball.
  • Do squats when you are waiting for anything like cooking or heating your food, watching TV, etc.
    Aerobic exercises are the best if you can do them. They help your body to undergo optimum physical stress and thereby make it stronger every time.
  • Aerobic exercise is actually a fantastic way to get into shape and become healthy. Types of aerobic exercises are biking, swimming, jogging, and so on. Prefer doing them outside early in the morning in the fresh air. They are great to give exercise to your entire body.


Yoga is the best form of aerobic exercise. Learn easy aasanas (positions) which you can do without much effort and start with them. Slowly you can progress to harder ones. Remember that yoga should be done WITHOUT STRESS. Your any body part, muscle or breathing should not be stretched forcefully when you do yoga. Try to attain a position only to that extent to which you can attain it without any stress. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that you can progress a little further soon, and finally attain the position completely.

yoga in fresh air

If you have a history of resolution-breaking, make your mind strong not to repeat it. If you find it extremely tiring, start it very slowly, like on alternate days with only 5 to 10 minutes per day. Then start doing it daily. Then increase the duration by 5 minutes every week. Soon you will find that you feel less tired with the same or more amounts of workout and that will make you feel encouraged. To get a moral boost up, you can also get a partner who will push you.

Treadmill woman

Remember to exercise on empty stomach. This may be early in the morning after getting up or after at least 6 hours of eating.

Proper Diet

If you want to come in shape, you HAVE TO control your diet, how much ever you feel it boring. But while cutting your caloric intake, you should even remember that there are good and bad calories. You should not stay away from a plateful of oranges or apples after a full meal. Identify that they are good calories but a scoop of ice cream is not. This means that you have to take up a dieting, but should also remember to take up a toxin free dieting. Fresh fruits, vegetables (colored and green leafy), nuts, cold water fish, extra virgin olive oil, lean meat, etc are all foods you should necessarily eat, whereas all processed refined foods and sugars, and bad fats should be avoided. And of course, make it a point to burn more calories than you take in. Healthy calories will make your muscles strong and shapely, but unhealthy calories will make your body flabby. Though you follow the rule of burning more calories than what you take in, intake of unhealthy calories will make your body weak, because the foods which carry them don’t provide any nutrition to your body – that’s why they are called empty calories in the first place!


Keep your diet rich in antioxidants. Foods rich in antioxidants are all veggies and fruits (mainly berries), nuts, fish oils, green tea, and so on. Antioxidants are very essential to cut your oxidative stress and the debility resulting thereby. A weak exhausted body cannot be in shape.

healthy calories

Another ingredient you should keenly include in your diet is iron. Iron, being the main ingredient of your blood, makes you feel energetic. Remember that your every cell gets nutrition and energy to live through blood. Foods rich in iron are beetroot, leafy vegetables, dates, etc.


Healthy Habits

Healthy habits play a major role in bringing you in shape and improve your overall health. Sleeping and getting up early at night and in the morning respectively, keeping your body active with exercise or effortful chores, taking healthy meals on regular timings, avoiding unhealthy foods, smoking and alcohol, etc are all healthy habits. Acting opposite to these, or in other words, practicing bad habits, stacks up unnecessary pounds in your body by which you feel exhausted and lazy, not interested in physical activity, ultimately resulting in a bad shape.

So, take 2015 as the year of being healthy. Remember that you just have to start it and continue it with patience. If you keep patience, you will succeed in very near future. Being in shape is your duty as well as right, and you have to perform and enjoy it!