Lasik in San AntonioIf you have taken a decision to undergo a Lasik surgery, it’s a fantastic decision. However, to have the best Lasik surgery experience, you need to follow certain guidelines before your procedure. They will be given to you by your surgeon. But knowing them beforehand will only benefit you.

1. Be There On Time

If you are late for your procedure, there will be unnecessary stress for you and it’s not good for your procedure. Eliminate such a stress by being on time or even early for the appointment. If you are infamous for being late, set your alarm clock 10 minutes ahead so that you will wake up early and perform your tasks early. It’s important to remember that the actual Lasik procedure will just take 10 to 15 minutes, but you will have to be in the surgeon’s office for around one and a half hours.

2. Don’t Bring Your Children while Coming for the Procedure

Whether it’s your surgery or you are accompanying someone for the surgery, it’s highly recommendable not to bring children along with you. You can’t say, how their movements may strike accidentally and cause harm to post-op eyes.

3. Stay Away from Caffeine

Before you undergo your Lasik in San Antonio or anywhere, make sure you drink water and not coffee or soda. Caffeine may make your eyes dry and difficult to fully relax after the surgery.

4. Turn Your Cell Phone Off

It’s advisable to turn your cell phone off before entering your surgeon’s laser suite. No matter, how advanced the technology supplied by lasers is, it may be sensitive to interference.

5. Eat Before the Procedure

Having your stomach full before undergoing surgery is advisable. Eat a healthy and hearty meal which will keep you comfortable all through the procedure and even afterwards, when you will have to take a long nap.

6. Bring a Responsible Driver with You

In general, you will be normal just after your Lasik surgery. However, you should not drive on your own towards your home. So, before the surgery, arrange a close friend or family member to drive you post-op to your home and help you in going to bed after reaching home.

7. Wear Shoes with Closed Toes

Never wear flip flops or other open-toed shoes on the day of Lasik procedure. Close-toed shoes will ensure patient safety and minimize risks of post-op tripping and falling.

8. Choose Warm Clothing

In case the laser suite becomes chilly during the Lasik surgery, you should be comfortable which can happen if you choose warm clothing on the day of surgery.

Follow these tips to undergo a comfortable and pleasant Lasik eye surgery without any problems.