how to fill vaping modsEvery vaping enthusiast wishes to see puffs of vapor rising from slim, long sticks, filling the air, when they use an e-cig. They are passionate about forming massive clouds that come flowing from these devices. Many factors decide the amount of vapor these devices can create; but first you have to learn how to fill and refill the e-liquid into the mods properly.

Here are the easiest methods to refill various types of vaping mods.

How to Fill Cartomizers

Cartomizers are the most common types of vaping mods and may come either pre-filled or empty. Here are steps to refill your cartomizer with vape juice.

  • With a thumbtack, remove the white disc cover of the cartomizer. Stick the tack into the small hole and push it aside.
  • Hold it anywhere from 40- to 60-dgree angle and squeeze some drops inside the wall of the cartomizer, while rotating it slowly for an even refill.
  • Take care that you don’t cross the mark that indicates the full capacity of the cartomizer otherwise the liquid will leak out.
  • Put the disc back in its position.
  • Place the cartomizer on an even surface for 10-15 minutes to let it settle.
  • Connect the cartomizer to the e-cig battery and have fun with your vape!

How to Fill Vape Mod Tanks

  • Take out the cartomizer from the base of the vape tank till a small gap between the transparent side of the tank and the top of the tank is visible to you.
  • Hold the tank at around 45-degrees and fill the cartomzier till it’s almost full.
  • Drop some vape juice into the tank around the cartomizer.
  • Place the cartomizer back in its place.
  • Put the drip tip and have fun with your vape.

How to Fill eGo Mega Cartomizers

  • Remove the black tip, to expose the white polyfill material.
  • Hold it between 40 and 50 degrees.
  • Directly pour the vape juice into the filling.
  • Keep rotating for an even fill.
  • When the white filling absorbs the vape juice, pour more vape juice and keep rotating.
  • Now put the black tip back and place the cartomizer on an even surface for 5 to 10 minutes to settle.
  • Enjoy your vape!

Advantages of Filling the Mod Yourself

Vaping mods come pre-filled or you have to fill them yourself. There are some advantages of refilling the mods on your own:

  • You can make your own mixtures of flavors and experiment till you get the best flavor of your choice.
  • Refilling on your own is also money-saving.

So, learn to refill your vaping mods and make the most of your mods to enjoy vaping.