joint healthJoint problems are increasing day by day. Fortunately, orthopedic health can be improved and maintained. A healthy lifestyle and being active have a direct effect on bone density, joint flexibility and muscle strength. More and more evidences are also indicating that maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the effects of osteoarthritis and protect you from injuries.

At Drperezaguilar, you can get guidance on how to live a healthy lifestyle that will help you enjoy walking, working and doing your favorite activities.

1. Maintain a Healthy Weight

For the rise of every 10 pounds in your weight, the risk of developing arthritis increases by 36%. Excessive weight and obesity exert more weight on your joints, and thereby weaken muscles and increase the likeliness of injuries. Avoid starchy, sugary and oily foods because they not only increase unnecessary fat stores in your body, but also increase free radicals that weaken muscles and tissues.

2. Eat Right

Right amount of exercise as well as healthy diet is important because it stimulates bone and joint health. To maintain your orthopedic health, make sure you are eating the nutrients given below.

Calcium: Calcium is important in the formation of bones. Milk and sprouts are good sources of calcium.

Vitamin D: Your calcium intake is of no use unless you have vitamin D in your body because vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium. Have a decent amount of sunlight which forms vitamin D under your skin. And eat fatty fish, dairy products and egg yolk.

3. Engage into Exercises But Safely

Regular physical activity is not only good for health, but also for the health of bones and joints. Such an activity can be a preventive measure or can strengthen a weak skeletal system.

Build Strength: Avoid rigorous exercises that may exert unnecessary stress on your bones and joints. Instead, go for a brisk walk. You can also use stretch bands or handheld weights to build bone strength and joint resistance.

Stretch Out: In order to avoid any type of injury, it’s important to build flexibility and balance technique. This can be done by stretching arm, leg and back muscles for 5 minutes before and after every exercise session.

4. Use Right Clothes and Footwear

Wrong clothes and footwear can twist muscles, tendons and joints in a wrong way causing injuries. While choosing clothes and footwear, pay more attention to comfort than fashion. Avoid high heels. Choose properly sized shoes that have a good support.

To make your life easy and happy, it’s important to maintain bone and joint health. Maintain it with the above tips and enjoy life!