Plastic Surgery in MonterreyPlastic surgery is an investment. You invest money into your looks and growth of confidence while your results develop. It’s also an investment of energy and time and of course, you want your efforts to pay off.

Plastic surgeries boast of high patient satisfaction rates and most patients are excited with their results for long after their surgery. Still, it’s essential to remember that for the results to stay in shape for longer, they require upkeep. It should also be remembered that nothing can entirely avoid the effects of genetics, aging and lifestyle habits.

The good news is that you can do certain things to maintain your awesome results for years to come! Here are the tips shared by Dr. Roel Moyeda, a surgeon renowned for plastic surgery in Monterrey.

1. Don’t Underestimate Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise

Body contouring surgeries can offer you curves that are proportionate and pleasing. While the results may look amazing, they can stay that way only if you maintain a healthy weight. For example, the procedure of liposuction removes fat from your body; but if you gain weight after that, you will see fat in other areas of the body as the rest of the fat cells grow. It’s even more essential to keep you weight stable if you’ve undergone a surgical lifting procedure (e.g. body lift or tummy tuck), you won’t want your skin to get stretched again and nullify the results you worked so hard to achieve.

So, to maintain a healthy weight, a healthy diet and regular exercise are must. However, don’t get disappointed if you gain a little weight during your recovery period when you should take total rest. You can continue eating healthy foods and do non-strenuous activities to keep yourself active with the advice of your surgeon.

2. Good Skin Practices

Proper skin care immediately after your surgery makes a huge difference in scarring. And with time, good skin care can maintain or even improve your results.

Firstly, scarring is an inevitable part of many surgeries and while your surgeon will be keen enough to place incisions where they would be the least apparent, ensuring they heal optimally and fade with time is partly in your hands. First off, it’s essential to follow the restrictions on any post-operative activity and that will avoid straining of your scars that could make them wider and more visible. Secondly, you should protect the scars from sun, keep them clean and apply topical scar care creams prescribed by your doctor.

3. Healthy Habits

To make your plastic surgery results stay for years, you should develop healthy habits, like quitting smoking as nicotine affects your body’s ability to heal causing prolonged recovery periods, bleeding, pain and more visible scars. Another healthy habit is to stay away from alcohol which too has the same bad effects as that by smoking.

Follow these rules and you can enjoy the awesome results of your plastic surgery for years to come.