get-rid-under-eye-dark-circlesEyes Dark Circles

Eyes are the mirror of soul, as some good poet used to say, but there is a sizeable area around them which merit special attention, since sometimes gets dark or puffy. They are the orbits, formed by the arrangement of seven facial bones.Two major issues are referring in the orbits as basically cosmetic troubles: dark circles and swelling. And I say basically because in some cases these tribulations are the mirror not of the soul, but of some organic condition.

In general, dark circles or raccoon attack are less alarming than puffiness, even though in aesthetic terms they are equally unwanted. But puffy bags under the eyes are mostly caused by liquid retention or edema, a situation not advantageous at all.Anyway, fluid retention is also produced by normal body variations as pregnancy or hormonal changes. The use of alcohol, tobacco, eating disorders or a simple bad sleeping could be among puffy bags causes too.

In the case of periorbital dark circles the worst but less common scenario is related to some liver problems. However, most times these shady blemishes are due to heredity, hyperpigmentation, age, allergies, fatigue, anemia or some kind of medication causing blood vessels dilatation, let´s say aspirin for example.

Beyond the causes, which must be tracked down by a medical doctor, there are some natural ways to diminish both dark circles and puffy bags under the eyes, which by the way are not likely to find at the same time.

The Milky Way.

A couple of cotton balls sopped in cold milk resting on the eyes are not only refreshing but very useful in reducing both darkness and bags.

Cool spoons, even swim goggles.

Yes. This is a proven, effective method even if no one could tell you why. You must put a couple of spoons to freeze over night, and when you wake up in the morning just put them on your close eyes for a while. With a little patient the outcomes will surprise you. Same results with a pair of swim goggles fill with frozen water.

Some vegetables too.

Slices of cucumber and potatoes on the eyes for 10 to 15 minutes are very common and the reason why is effectiveness. But if you soak the slices of cucumber on lemon juice for a while before take them on your eyes the difference will be noted. Some people use lemon slices directly lying on eyes too.

Watching the diet.

We are what we eat; nobody could refuse this old Greek axiom. But sometimes we forget about its meaning. If a diet full of toxins, salts, greases, bad proteins and refined carbs is the norm, health would not growth; puffy eyes then would be only a minor damage. Instead, a diet based on natural products, eaten with moderation and free of added salt would fight fluid retention and allow a better nutrition at all levels.