hair transplantWhen our health is alright, we take it for granted. Same way we take our hair too for granted unless they start thinning and one day completely vanish. Once they start thinning on their way to disappear totally, we start running here and there to see if there is any way to get them back, and try everything like hair rejuvenation oils, creams, lotions and what not! But though all these means don’t guarantee at all of your hair coming back to your head, there is one surefire way – hair transplant. We hold back to do it because of the costs – but there are ways to do it in low costs in countries like India. I would like you to take a look at hair transplant cost in Hyderabad in this context to get a rather clear idea.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is a small surgery wherein a skin patch of our own body having thick hair, but from the backside of our head is cut, and then transplanted on that area of our head where hair has thinned or vanished.

Before this surgery, the scalp is to be first cleaned and then the area is numbed with an anesthesia from where a 3” to 4” strip of skin will be removed with a scalpel. After removal of the scalp strip, it is set aside and the surgeon sews and closes the cut area. This area is hidden beneath the hair around it within a short period.

The further procedure is a bit tedious, wherein the removed strip of scalp is divided into about 500 to 2,000 small grafts each of which contains a single hair or only a few hairs. The number of grafts to be created depends upon the hair type, color, quality and the size of the area where they are to be transplanted.

After preparing the grafts, the area where they are to be transplanted is cleaned and numbed. Then the surgeon creates slits or holes on it with a needle or a scalpel and then place each graft one by one in each slit delicately.

This procedure may take four to eight hours. Additional sessions may also be done if the patients keep losing hair or wants still thicker hair.

Costs of Hair Transplant

Costs of hair transplant depend mostly upon the amount of hair transplanted. Usually it ranges between $4,000 and $15,000 (about €3,000 and €12,000). You can hardly get an insurance cover for hair transplant surgery.

But if you do this surgery in India, the costs goes down straight to $1,000 (€794) (everything inclusive). Of course, it may vary according to the number of grafts and area to be transplanted.

Since the costs of hair transplant surgery are so high in Europe and America, that too without insurance cover, people there prefer to do the surgery in India in cities like Hyderabad. Here they get two benefits – cost effectiveness and vacation in India. The money they save in the surgery can be spent on a wonderful holiday.

If you are planning for a hair transplant surgery, consider doing it in Hyderabad which will give you a head full of hair along with a trip to a colorful country like India.