blepharoplasty - before and afterAlthough the Blepharoplasty is a minor surgical procedure that is carried out on outpatient basis, still the patients need to be prepared for the surgery. The preparation includes a range of thing starting from counseling, discussion with the Blepharoplasty Surgeon about the possible outcome of the surgery, general health condition of the patient and health requirement for the surgery, care and preparation in the week leading to the surgery and post treatment care.

Discuss medical history: The doctor needs to be appraised about your past surgery and present health conditions. They need to know whether the patient has diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid problem, respiratory problems and allergies before going to operate. The most important fact the docs want to know whether the patient has glaucoma and dry eye, and for the verification of that they may get tests done by an ophthalmologist. It is so, because the glaucoma and dry eye problem is more likely to aggravate after the eyelid surgery.

Expectations from the surgery: The motivation behind the surgery and the expected outcome of the surgery needs to be discussed openly with the surgeon so that he can plan for a successful surgery. Also discuss with the surgeon what procedure he will follow during the surgery, how long it will take and use of anesthesia etc.

Physical examination prior to surgery: The doctor will make you undergo a series of medical examination before operating on you. They will conduct a physical examination which may include testing the tear production and measurement of eyelid. Also the test for vision will be conducted along with the test for peripheral vision required for the doctors as well as to support the insurance claim to be made by the patient.

Precautions: The patient will be asked to give up smoking many weeks prior to the surgery as it reduces the ability to heal after surgery. The doctors also advise patients to give up medicines they are taking for two weeks before and after the surgery and if felt necessary he may allow the intake of the ones he approves.

Going through all the tests and following all precautions and guidelines given by the doctor will help the patients in a successful surgery and in faster recovery too.