logo It WorksWeight loss is an all-time concern for most of the people today and now as summer is around the corner, beach-buffs with flabby bodies are dying to get slimmer to flaunt their swimming suits. So, for quick weight loss, there is a new buzz out there and it is the It Works Body Wraps!

What are Body Wraps and What are It Works Body Wraps?

Body wraps is a beauty treatment wherein (previously linen sheets and lately) plastic sheets or thermal blankets are wrapped around the body and the person is made sit in a dark room with mild candle light and soft music. The treatment usually starts with a herbal scrub, often of mud, green apple or pear, which is then rinsed and wrap products are applied.

it worksIt Works body wraps too are sheets but they are applied only to specific areas and not the entire body. Moreover you can do it yourself; you need not go to a spa. The product claims to detoxify body and tighten the skin. In short, it is a tightening and firming system.


the wrapThere are lots of people who have used and are using It Works and have got good results in form of firm body. These body wraps are different than others because they don’t make you sweat and thus don’t bring about weight loss through water loss. They are to be worn on the body for 45 minutes and they claim to work for 72 hours during which their ingredients, which are entirely natural, go deeper into the tissues, remove toxins from them and make fat cells shrink.   

Who can Use It Works?

It Works are not recommended for children, pregnant and nursing women and persons with specific medical conditions and taking other medicines. If you don’t come under these categories, you can hopefully use these body wraps. But a good thing on the company’s part is they don’t just blindly promote their product by saying it is wonderful. They recommend to take a printout of the ingredients of the wraps and show it to your doctor, who can better tell whether the ingredients are safe for you. The reason for this is though the ingredients are natural, it doesn’t mean that they are good for anyone. There may be some people having allergies with certain herbs. And this can be better judged by a doctor. So, it is always the best to consult your doctor.

Many people actually lose a half or one inch around the body part where the wrap is applied. Doctors have opinion that such types of results which are claimed by It Works are definitely possible.

Are the Results Permanent?

It Works doesn’t claim that its results are permanent. Its claim is one treatment must last you around thirty days. And it costs you around $25. The results are claimed to last for 72 hours.

So, you can try It Works body wraps for the coming summer but remember to consult your doctor first.