Hair Loss in the PhilippinesExperiencing hair loss at any stage in your life can be a cause of concern, or even stress. You may have noticed your hairline is receding or there are a lot of hair strands left on your comb. When this happens, you may experience a phase of confusion, denial, and bargaining.

Those who have this problem in the Philippines may believe in things that don’t have any scientific foundation when it comes to hair loss. As such, here are several facts that will change your mind when it comes to this topic.

Hair loss is inherited from your parents or grandparents

Hair loss is inherited from your parents or grandparents

There are instances when Filipinos believe that their hair loss problems are hereditary. These people might have relatives, especially parents, who suffer from this predicament. It is widely believed in the Philippines that if your father and other male relatives have receding hairlines, you would also go through this issue.

The fact of the matter is, there is no hair loss gene that is passed down to your children. Studies have shown that hair loss may probably happen because of the interaction between different genes from a person’s parents. Thanks to this interaction, hair problems might occur.

Do men often suffer hair loss more than women

Men often suffer hair loss more than women

Take a look at all the people in your environment and you’ll notice men suffer more from hair loss than women. You might have surveyed your workplace, residential area, or even public places and end up with the same result. Although this may be evident, a good number of women also go through hair loss problems. Just take a look at their surroundings and belongings and you’ll find a lot of hair scattered around.

As compared to men, these women are rather adept and skilled in hiding this issue. For example, females would style their hair in such a way that would hide any sign of hair loss effectively. In this way, no one would notice this specific kind of struggle.

What you eat isn’t a factor to hair loss

Some Filipinos believe that the food their eating won’t make them lose hair. On the contrary, there are several contributing factors that lead to hair loss. If your daily diet is severely lacking in important vitamins and minerals, you might see your hairline recede. Going on a crash diet might also hinder your body from receiving these nutrients, thus leading to hair loss.

Hair transplant doesn’t work

Whenever the common person hears about Philippine hair restoration services, he or she is inclined to dismiss it for several reasons. The idea of transplanting hair from a different part of your body to your head might seem ludicrous, even to the point of impossibility.

Not to mention, this process will also exhaust your budget. The truth is, hair restoration works and it could give bring back the look you’ve always wanted. Once you’ve tried it out for yourself, you’ll see your crowning glory restored for the years to come.