secret of body growthAll of us probably know the effects of growth hormone on our body. It is very important for muscle growth, fat metabolism and growth of bones. Its secretion is increased during teenage and adolescence, when there is a growth spurt in the body. Many people believe that after the beginning of middle age, it’s secretion in the body starts declining due to which the muscles growth stops and our body reaches a stage of static growth. Since, this hormone increases muscle growth, many sports persons, body builders and athletes have now have started taking this hormone as a supplement to enhance their physique.

Somatotropin is a form of human growth hormone and is prescribed by doctors in the US only and that also in patients who are deficient in these hormones and thus suffer from some kind of growth disorders. However any other kind of use, which is apart from medical use until prescribed by a doctor, is considered illicit. It is not approved by the FDA.

Many athlete and celebrities have started taking somatotropin injection for their growth needs. There are many pharma companies that manufacture somatotropin pills, injections and sprays. It is however difficult to decide that which company sells the best type of HGH supplements in the form of somatotropin. There are many websites that advice for getting somatropin for sale on the basis of medical prescription. Since these pills or injections alter the hormone system of your body, it is advisable to do a proper research on the genuineness of the product that you purchase. There are many fake products also available in the market which when you take will not give the desired result. However when you come to a conclusion that you need HGH or somatotropin supplement, the biggest challenge is to find an open minded doctor who can prescribe these medicines on your request and also the availability of money to afford such medicines.