hair transplantSo, you have chosen to get a hair transplant surgery done! Congratulations! However, if you have started dreaming of a thick crown of hair on your formerly balding head, hold on! Oh, don’t worry with that alarm. What I mean to say is that, you will have to take proper care of your head after the hair transplant surgery. If you don’t do that, your dreams of thick hair may not be fulfilled. Here are some tips.

1. Look after Your Scar Carefully

Your surgeon is world-famous and has performed thousands of surgeries. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have a scar after the surgery. So, scarring is unavoidable after the hair transplant procedure. While looking forward eagerly to getting new hair, you have to look after this scar carefully and should not do anything that will worsen the wound. Take the prescribed medications without fail to lessen the swelling as fast as possible. With the medications, irritation of the scalp will also be reduced since you will be instructed not to touch the scalp in any situation.

2. Hold Your Head High!

Yes, you have actually done a great job, so you should hold your head high 🙂 However, I am talking about it for a little different reason. Holding your head high after the hair transplant surgery is actually necessary for the health of your scalp. As the skin of the scalp will be bruised during the operation, you will have to sleep keeping your head on two or more pillows so that your head is held high. Better even is to sleep in a reclining chair, if you can.

3. Avoid Strenuous Activities

Anything that can cause excessive sweating should be avoided because sweating increases the chances of infection. You will certainly not want to get a complication with your surgical wound. Also avoid going into the sun, and visiting saunas or steam baths.

4. Avoid Alcohol and Spicy Foods

If you are fond of spicy foods, you will have to control your taste buds for some months or till the wound heals completely. Same is the case with alcohol-lovers. They will have to stay away from their favorite booze for some time, strictly! Spices may interfere with the healing process and alcohol reduces the blood supply to the wound. Even smoking should be avoided at least for one month after the surgery.

5. Other Precautions

You have to carefully see to it that the area around the scalp is clean always during the recovery period. Numbness and soreness are common after the surgery in the area of incision. Take medications exactly as prescribed and never self-medicate. Recovery will take time and you have to keep patience. Last but not the least, don’t be obsessed with the thought of new hair; engage yourself in other activities and try to be cheerful.

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