cosmetic surgeryCosmetic surgery is a surefire way to improve the not-so-good features of your looks. But you have to remember that there are a number of things to consider before taking the option, of which the very first is to find the right surgeon. Next, the surgeon decides what is to be and what can be improved in your features. Then you have to take the period of recovery into consideration. In this context Queen of the blogosphere Xiaxue shares her experiences which are extremely insightful. She has given a detailed description of all her experiences with photos, so one planning to undergo the surgery can get a fair idea. Here are some more things to consider.

It’s true that cosmetic surgery brings about changes to your looks by modifying your facial features or body parts. But you should not look at it the way you want. Before proceeding with the surgery, consider the following things:

  • What You Expect: Remember to expect improvements and not perfection. If you are dreaming of looking like a film star, you are sure to be disappointed. Don’t look at the cosmetic surgery as a way to improve a shaky relationship, improve social life or getting a promotion.
  • Budget: Most health insurance plans don’t cover cosmetic surgery. The procedure cost may range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending upon its type. You should also consider the expense of follow-up and additional curative procedures.
  • Risks: Surgical complications may occur as with any other type of surgery, like bleeding and infection at the site of surgery.
  • Recovery: Recovery may take days, weeks or even months. You should also consider the physical effects comprising of your recovery process and also the effect on your personal, social and professional life.
  • Psychological Effect: It is 100% true that cosmetic surgery brings about improvement in your looks and so, it is bound to improve your self-esteem. But psychological conditions like depression etc cannot be improved merely with cosmetic surgery and without any other aids.

Finding the Right Cosmetic Surgeon

Choose the cosmetic surgeon who specializes in the procedure and has been certified by a recognized board in the country.

The decision of undergoing cosmetic surgery is only and only yours. Be sure that you are comfortable with your surgeon and the treatment choices.

Queen of Blogosphere, Xiaxue, before and after Cosmetic Surgery

Queen of Blogosphere, Xiaxue, before and after Cosmetic Surgery