One of the most popular plastic/aesthetic surgery procedures performed almost everywhere around the globe is certainly rhinoplasty or nose jobs. These procedures are performed for many reasons, not only to improve someone’s physical appearance. Rhinoplasty is sometimes the only medical solution to certain structural defects causing breathing problems. Although nose jobs have astonishing results for most patients, these surgical procedures still require patience, care and time for healthy and successful recovery.

Recovery period after rhinoplasty usually takes about two weeks. Due to the significantly changes of nose bone and cartilage during the procedure, adjusting to those changes and healing process take some time. It’s difficult to predict the exact rhinoplasty recovery period, since it depends on many factors, such as extent of the bone and cartilage changes, patients’ overall health before the procedure and the quality of post-operative care.

After the nose job, your surgeon should provide your with all the instructions for post-operative care. Keep in mind that, even though it’s common procedure, it still presents a complicated form of facial surgery. The success of the nose job depends on post-operative care and following surgeon’ instructions conscientiously. It is important to undergo this procedure somewhere close to your residence, because you should get back home as soon as possible after the procedure. Patients’ family member, partner or a friend should help them with certain tasks immediately after nose job. Generally, it’s necessary to stay hydrated, to rest enough and to avoid strenuous activities and physical exercise.  Also, use cold compresses to reduce swelling, which is common after rhinoplasty. Commonly, in the first two days after the procedure, you might experience the affects of anesthetics and mild discomfort. Common issues after nose job are bruising, swelling and nosebleeds. Also, in the recovery period you might have to deal with headaches, therefore stay in bed in the first 24 hours after the rhinoplasty. In about a week, you will be able to return to your normal everyday activities and to work.