Tummy tuck Los Angeles Surgeon Dr. AbramsWhether to undergo tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) or not is indeed a daunting question though it’s a quite common procedure to sculpt the lower abdomen area. The removal of excessive tummy fat, loose skin and stretch marks involves scarring. Also you have to make a financial investment in the procedure and time investment in the recovery process. And more than anything else, there is a fear of the unknown.

First of all, understand that a tummy tuck is of various types including traditional, circumeferential, mini, extended and endoscopic tummy tuck. Which one of this to choose depends on your purpose of undergoing a tummy tuck. This will make you understand how to prevent or minimize scarring. Also you can manage or avoid many risks. Here are some useful tips from tummy tuck Los Angeles surgeon, Dr. Abrams.

Tips to Minimize Risks

  • First of all, follow your surgeon’s all pre- and post-surgery guidelines, especially some like quitting smoking. Smoking causes poor healing and necrosis (cell death).
  • Certain medications may increase the risk of bleeding and should be stopped during some weeks before the surgery. These include aspirin and other NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofen. Even some herbal medicines may increase this risk. To make sure which medications to stop before the surgery, let your surgeon know which medications as well as supplements you are taking.
  • With proper wound care, you can minimize the risk of infection. You should also take prescribed antibiotics exactly as directed. It’s also essential to report any signs of infection like fever to your surgeon as soon as they occur.
  • Early ambulation can help lessen the risk of formation of blood clot that can move to your lungs. Therefore start walking as soon as possible. Also get compression boots to promote circulation during your in-hospital period of recovery.
  • Tummy tuck is usually conducted along with other mommy makeover procedures like breast lift etc. Make sure you are well aware of all the complications that come with these various procedures.


As tummy tuck is a major surgery, you can expect a significant recovery time following it as compared to other less invasive surgeries. On an average, full recovery may take around one to three weeks. Your tummy will be sore and swollen for initial few days. Especially for the first 24 hours, pain will be intense for which your surgeon may prescribe pain medications.

Research well before undergoing the procedure so that you can have a better experience of your tummy tuck surgery.