pediatric dentist rancho bernardoIf you are repenting over your own teeth because you were not taken to a dentist regularly, you will ensure to take your kids to a dentist for a regular checkup so that their teeth stay in good shape. However, children are not very happy to go to a dentist (and probably to any doctor) which is natural. If an unknown person wearing a mask pokes many unusual, hard and bad-tasting instruments in her/his mouth, the child is bound to be scared. Here are some tips that will help you out to make your child comfortable while visiting your dentist.

1. The Earlier the Better

It’s good for the child to take her/him to a dentist at an early age, ideally at the age of 1 or upon the appearance of first tooth. This makes the child take the dentist’s office as her/his “dental care home” as they grow up.

2. Behave Normally

While getting ready for the visit, particularly the first visit, behave normally as if you are going to a friend. But don’t even lie to her/him that you are going to a friend. Keep it simple and don’t include too much of description. Behave as if nothing special is going to happen, but give an idea that the visit is meant for the child. Don’t even try to encourage him with words like “everything will be fine, don’t worry” – that may evoke a thought in her/his mind that something terrible is coming up.

3. Avoid Some Words

Never use words like ‘pain’, ‘hurt’ and ‘shot’ while talking about the dentist. The staff in the dentist’s office will make the child comfortable with their own vocabulary and will help them get through the tough circumstances. Tell something like “the dentist will check if there are sugar bugs in your teeth and if they are, s/he will clean them”. The best thing to tell suggested by dentists is to tell that the dentist will count their teeth and check smile.

4. Consider Pretense of a Visit

Performing pretense of a dentist’s visit at home is a good idea. You act as a doctor and your child as a patient (but don’t use this word before her/him). Count her/his teeth with a toothbrush and talk lightly and lovingly with her/him. Let her/him get habituated to getting various instruments poked into mouth. You can even make use of a mirror and show her/him how the scene looks.

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You can also use a plush toy as a patient and you and the child as dentists and clean the toy’s teeth. Make her/him go through picture books having fun illustrations and easy to follow language. Use your creativity and bring variations. Your ultimate aim should be the child must become well-acquainted to the procedure.

Prepare your child for a dentist’s visit in this way and you will have the satisfaction that you are acting like a good parent.

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