Though most people do not realize this, dentistry has been with us for a long time. Ever since the Egyptians tried to find ways of enhancing their looks in various ways (including changing their dental features), mankind has been on a quest to try to find the best way of doing so. However, the thing is that the science behind cosmetic and therapeutic dentistry has been evolving at a huge rate. This is a good thing, since most of the methods used for dentistry in the past were neither safe nor even effective, since most of them were done through guesswork.

Today, however, there are many advances that have made dentistry a more exact science, such that when you visit a dentist you can get a procedure done and know exactly how it is going to turn out even before it’s begun. Some of the technologies that are in use today include:

Dental imaging

In the past, it was very difficult to find out the nature of one’s teeth since most of the defects were intrinsic to the teeth. For instance, a cavity may not be easily visible from the outside. These days, however, one can use imaging in the form of radiography to find out the exact nature of one’s teeth. When you get a dental x-ray done, you can easily see defects such as cavities within specific teeth as well as impacted molars. You can even see exactly how crookedly teeth are growing, so that you can get a better idea as to how to fix them to get a better smile. Such technology is also used by dentists to guide them to decide what kind of therapy to offer.

Tooth whitening

Cosmetic dentistry has always been one of the focuses of dentistry in general, as more and more people try to find ways of making their smiles more beautiful. In the past, the methods of doing whitening were not very exact, and many of the products used did not guarantee that one would end up getting pearly white teeth. Due to increased research, however, most of the products on offer these days offer a better chance for one to get that perfect smile, even if they are products that are designed for use at home. In addition to that, most of them are much safer than some of the products used before.

Improved anesthesia

In addition to the above, one of the other issues that have improved in the field of dentistry is the technology that goes into anesthesia. In the past, most dentists used local anesthetics that resulted in problems such as numbing of the surrounding organs such as the tongue and lips. Due to advances in pharmaceuticals, these days most of them use anesthetics that only numb the area around the teeth, ensuring that one does not need to worry about getting problems such as loss of sensation in the tongue. In addition to that, most of the anesthetic injections these days are themselves painless, so the whole procedure of getting invasive procedures done is not as uncomfortable as it used to be in the past.

Developments in the kinds of braces used

One of the devices that one may have a problem with these days is braces. Most of the time, people are not willing to get them because they are so conspicuous and may be more difficult to take care of than one would imagine. However, with the development of different kinds of braces, this is an issue that people do not have to worry about anymore. There are all kinds of new braces that one can use these days, including clear plastic ones that are not as conspicuous as the regular metal braces.

As one can see, there have been many developments that have made dentistry not only much safer but also more comfortable for the patient. If you are the kind of person who fears getting dental procedures done due to issues such as the fear of pain, this is something that you should now not worry about. If you visit a typical dental clinic, you are bound to find that even the most invasive procedures such as tooth removal are bound to be as simple and painless as possible due to the advances named above.

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