Halitosis is another name for bad breath, this problem usually comes from particular foods that we eat or the disruption of food particles by bacteria inside the mouth.

Temporary bad breath is caused by the foods we consume

Probably everyone has experienced this problem because of eating some type of foods. We eat something and then go through a embarrassment because of bad breath. The felons are compounds of sulfur seen in some foods like cabbage and garlic. These compounds cause bad breath.

Our digestive systems absorb the sulfur compounds when we eat something. But there is a belief that bad breath is not caused by sulfur compounds because of working their way back from the stomach into the mouth.

Instead, the sulfur compounds move into the bloodstream from the digestive system where they are taken to the lungs. Here the lungs discharge the compounds through air that we exhale from the body. Many of such compounds are also discharged from the skin in the form of sweat and in urine.

How can you prevent this kind of bad breath? By avoiding foods like onions and cabbage you can prevent bad breath. You can choose different products available in the market that attach and counteract the compounds of sulfur while they are in the blood stream or digestive system.

One of the long standing bad breath is chronic bad breath, which is caused by bacteria. Though it is difficult to treat, but there is a possibility to fight this. This problem is caused by bacteria that live in our mouth, there are more than 170 types of bacteria in our mouth.

Normally bacteria survive by feeding on leftover food on our teeth after meals and produce sulfur compounds, which causes bad breath. It is not possible for some of these bacteria to live in the presence of oxygen. So, how do they live inside our mouth which is exposed to oxygen whenever we breathe? Well, they hide in such places where oxygen is not there, under food debris or plaque. They hide in the gaps between gums and teeth and sometimes in crevices of tongue. So, in other words we live with them every day!!