dental tourismIf you have recently heard the phrase “dental tourism” and are wondering what it is, it’s simple – it’s tourism or holidaying combined with a dental treatment. Dental tourism or any medical tourism has arisen not out of an urge of holidaying but out of the fact that the costs of dental or any medical treatments have risen to such an extent that people are preferring to go abroad and take these treatments. Thus, their two purposes are served, they can take an affordable dental treatment and enjoy a holiday. The costs of dental treatments in countries like the UK, the USA, Australia and many others are too high to be affordable. But now because of dental tourism in recent some years, British dental clinics were forced to reduce their prices and even some foreign clinics (mainly Hungarian) could open their branches in London.

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Let’s again turn to dental tourism. The clear and primary purpose of dental tourism is cutting the costs of treatment. But is it really advantageous from other points of view? Let’s see.

Advantages of Dental Tourism

  • Dental tourism is definitely advantageous to residents of countries like the UK and the US where cost of dental treatments is so high that laypeople cannot afford them. Moreover dental treatments are generally not included in insurance plans. If at all they are, cover is available only for some of their types, and so, if a person is taking some special treatments s/he doesn’t get reimbursement. In that case, going to a foreign country and enjoy cost saving on the dental treatment as well as a relaxing holiday.
  • Someone may doubt about the quality of the dental treatments in foreign countries. But it has been widely experienced by now that quality of the treatments is at par with that of the UK or US.
  • Dental tourism is indeed beneficial for those who require a large amount of work to be done, i.e. a series of treatments. If such a series of treatments is performed in the UK, the dentist’s bill may run in thousands of pounds, which people cannot afford, particularly in the current shaky economic condition. But in another country, the same series of treatments can be performed for a fraction of the cost.


Dental tourism has now become a huge industry in some countries like India, Turkey, Thailand and even European countries like Hungary and Greece. Even packages like holiday packages are offered for dental tourism by certain hospitals in these countries. Patients take appointments long before leaving their home country. They can discuss their dental problem, dates of treatment etc with the concerned doctors on live video chat and can get all their doubts cleared. The dentists can give them a clear idea how they will undergo the treatment and how suitable will it be to them. So, this is quite convenient for patients as opposed to the costly treatment options in their own country.

dental tourism


When you want to go abroad for dental treatment, you should not only consider the cost factor. You should also consider if you will be getting high quality treatment, good accommodation and food, etc. Here are some precautions you should take before flying to another country for dental treatment.

  • Do some research on the hospitals you are considering to take the treatment.
  • Ask your near and dear ones about the country and the hospitals, if at all they might be knowing about them.
  • Know about your dental condition and treatments required, from your local dentist or some other knowledgeable person so as to avoid getting fooled and taking treatments which you didn’t actually require.
  • You should also consider whether the practice is insured and if the insurance will allow you to return frequently for follow-ups. You may not have cover for future problems. Also you should consider travel costs, as though the work is insured, it is quite unlikely that your travel costs are covered.

Effects of Dental Tourism in the UK

Hungary expanded its dental tourism business in the UK by 2004. In the beginning they faced a lot of suspicion and questions by the British, the nature of British people being traditional and suspicious. Finally, they decided to bring their dentists to the UK so that the patients could meet the dentists in person and will not have any skepticism.

A reason for dental tourism in the UK is shortage of dentists in organizations like National Health Service and the general prices have increased. Therefore people have to either approach the expensive private dentists or get cheaper options like dental tourism.

In case of Hungary, dental care costs are so less because everything like salaries, rents and average standard of living is lower across the country. However, dental education is compatible with that given in the British universities and so, you are guaranteed that you would get a high quality treatment at a fraction of the cost that you have to pay in the UK. You will be surprised to know that savings can be around 40-60% compared to UK prices!

Hungary is a dental tourism Mecca for not only the Brits but also for most European countries because Hungary boasts of more dentist per capita than any other country. What’s more, their dental clinics are the best and least costly, especially those in rural areas. E.g. Mosonmagyaróvár is a small Hungarian town near the border of Austria which has over 160 dental clinics! Obviously it’s quite economical for Europeans to come for a vacation in Hungary and get a dental treatment.

But this is also causing a good effect on the British dental market that the costs there are dropping fast and, maybe one day people won’t need to go abroad for dental treatments. But as of now, dental tourism is thriving in the UK.