range of treatmentsTimes have gone when dentists treated only dental problems. Today there are dental treatments available for removing faults from your teeth and offering you great-looking smiles. The science of dentistry has advanced so much that dental treatments which were previously supposed to be painful and people were afraid of sitting on the dentist’s chair, have now been made extremely comfortable and special procedures dedicated to patient’s comfort have been invented. Today you can approach any dentist, for example dentists in Brentwood TN and you will get information of a range of treatments, from which you can choose one which is best suited to you. Let’s see some of the treatments you can get in the modern times which can offer you a perfect oral health and a beautiful smile.


bridgeBridges are fixed replacements for missing teeth or tooth. It is created by taking a mould of the surrounding teeth which are eventually going to support the bridge. The bridge is generally formed from porcelain and a precious metal and is fixed in your mouth, unlike dentures which are removable.


crownA crown is a kind of cap which covers the natural tooth completely. It is formed either from metal or a mixture of metal and porcelain and is fitted in the mouth. A crown can be fixed where a tooth is decayed, damaged or broken, or simply to make the tooth look better.

To fit a crown, the original tooth has to be drilled down so that the crown will be fixed on a small peg. It takes some time to prepare the crown and so, you will not probably get the crown fitted on the same day.


fillingsFillings are used to treat cavities formed due to tooth decay. The commonest form of filling is amalgam made from a combination of metals like mercury, tin, silver, zinc and copper. The dentist will offer you the most appropriate kind of filling suited to your clinical requirements. White fillings are also available.

Root Canal

Root canal treatment is also called endodontics and cures infection in the center of a tooth. When the supply of blood or nerves to a tooth becomes infected, root canal treatment is utmost essential. Otherwise there is a risk of infection being spread to other teeth and the infected tooth has to be extracted.


The treatment is done by clearing all the infection from the root canal system. Next, the root canal is filled and the tooth is sealed with a crown or filling to prevent any recurrent infection. Root canal treatment normally needs two to three sessions at the dentist’s office.

Scale and Polish

scale and polishThese procedures are done by a hygienist to clean your teeth professionally. It is done by removing the buildup on the teeth (tartar) carefully.


bracesBraces come under orthodontic treatments and are used to straighten or shift teeth to enhance their appearance and functioning.

Braces can be detachable so as to enable you to remove and clean them and fix them again. Or they can be fixed. Braces are made of metal, ceramic or plastic and invisible braces too are available nowadays made from clear plastic.

There are many other treatments too like implants, dentures, dental veneers, teeth whitening and so on, which can make your life easy and confident because of healthy teeth and a flashing smile. You need to understand them by approaching your dentist and consulting with him or her.