snap on denturesIf you have lost your teeth and so, are wearing dentures, you might have considered it as your destiny to bear with the problems they bring. You have lost the joy of eating, you can’t chew properly, you can’t enjoy the real taste of food! And all these problems are your destiny according to you. But what if I tell you that this can be changed? Will you believe it? But it’s true. And this wonderful thing that will change your destiny is Snap On Dentures!

What are Snap On Dentures?

Implant supported dentures or Snap On Dentures are created using a simple technology. In this procedure, mini dental implants which are FDA approved are inserted in the jawbone. This procedure is minimally invasive and the dentures will have housings adhered to the head of the mini implant when they are seated over your gums. These dentures remain in place without waggling in your jawbone crating a steady and strong bite.

snap on denture implant

Which are the Problems of Regular Dentures that are Overcome by Snap On Dentures?

People who lose teeth due to age, disease, extreme decay or trauma had only choice so far of the regular dentures. But these dentures pose a number of problems.

With age our jaw bone structure and tissues change. If there are no teeth in mouth, the jawbone shrinks and therefore, your regular denture made some years ago starts wiggling or moving in the jaw because it is loose now, and you need an adjustment. Also they are secured with adhesives which get unglued and thus dentures wiggle.

Also because of constantly moving dentures you cannot eat hard foods like apples, corn, nuts or steaks. You have to limit yourself to soft food.

As you cannot chew the food properly with the wiggling dentures, you have to face stomach upset many times.

Even you cannot speak or laugh freely as you have a constant fear that the denture will fall down. These dentures sometimes rub against gums, hurt them, cause gum sores and create constant pain. They also get unglued from palate causing weird sounds.

All these problems are overcome by Snap On Dentures. These wonderful dentures are palate-less and are secured to your jaws with eight mini dental implants and so, there are no chances that they will become loose and start moving. Because they are so secure, you can eat and chew properly and enjoy eating. You can also speak and laugh with confidence. The Snap On Dentures won’t move unless you snap them off with your fingers. The procedure is utmost simple.

Snap On Dentures get “snapped” to the mini implants that are inserted in the jawbones through the O-rings fitted in it.

Where, How and How Long?

Your Snap On Dentures procedure is completed in just 8 days, in the lovely Mexican coastal city of Cancun! If you want to get your current dentures adapted with the O-rings, it takes place in just 2 days!

Because Snap On Dentures are fixed, your oral health and overall health improves, increasing your confidence.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a holiday to Cancun and get strong teeth, so that you can get your life’s joys back.

snap on dentures