great smile of julia robertsWhy do most men love Julia Roberts and most women love Tom Cruise? It is agreed that the two stars have plenty of other qualities that make them attractive, but their major plus is their full smile revealing their clean, bright teeth. Many of us wish for such teeth that can make our smile radiant. However those who are not blessed with healthy shining teeth may think that this is almost impossible for them. But they should rejoice because only some efforts are needed on their part to get a beautiful smile. E.g. you can approach Dr. Daniel Vinograd who has recently shifted his clinic just 3 miles from the previous Alpha Dental and is famous for his holistic ways to offer his patients healthy teeth and a confident smile.

Dental Neglect Leads to Declined Dental Health

Whatever your personal opinion is, dentists’ community strongly believes that regardless of what you have got in your mouth from your parents in heritage, dental neglect contributes to a sure decline in dental health as well as overall health. Therefore a combination of daily dental care supported by professional dental care is absolutely necessary for a great smile.

Dental neglect includes a series of bad habits like omitting brushing and flossing, lack of exercise leading to unmaintained weight and poor food habits. Persons who undertake such a lifestyle make themselves more prone to dental plaque, which contributes to dental and other problems, like halitosis (bad breath), tooth erosion, gingivitis, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

A good personal dental care should include at least some basic habits like brushing twice and flossing once a day and drinking only water (and not so-called diet drinks). These simple habits can offer your mouth a preventive shield from plaque and germs, and remove many compounds that are dangerous for your tooth enamel and will provide a better defense against bad breath.

In addition to this personal care, regular dental checkup done by a qualified dentist is also necessary. Most dentists suggest at least twice a year schedule of visits to a dentist for enabling the dentist to clean the teeth, find out trouble areas and offer preventive dental care recommendations to stop further dental problems. Keep well in mind that regular dental visit can make timely dental healthcare possible which in turn saves a lot of money that could be spent on costly advanced treatments to cure problems arisen from neglect of dental health and that can offer you a great smile.

Shining Teeth

One of the most popular TV shows, “Friends” had once an extremely funny episode in which Ross (David Schwimmer) undergoes extensive tooth bleaching treatment to impress his girlfriend and ends up in teeth glowing ridiculously in blue light. Fun apart, it shows that too much whitening of teeth can look unnatural and make the smile absurd instead of great.

A great smile only includes healthy clean teeth and fresh breath for which the individual will have to adopt only a few good habits. By adopting good habits like reducing the consumption of foods that stain teeth and vices like smoking, alcohol and candy, hazard of tooth staining and dental problems can be minimized and breath can be improved instantly.

Besides adopting good habits and leaving bad habits, tooth whitening is one more way to have a great smile. Those with limited budget can get a whitening kit to reduce the yellowness or discoloration of teeth at home. And those with a big budget can approach a dentist to get cosmetic dental procedure done.