A dentist who specializes in the cosmetic alteration and replacement of teeth is called a prsthodontist. These professionals acquire additional schooling for years apart from four years of dental school. They try to restore maximum function and look of missing teeth, or those that are decayed, shifted, decayed or broken down. Let’s learn more about prosthodontics in this article below.

1. Prosthodontist and their work

He is a dentist who specializes in retaining broken, decayed or weak teeth and replacing the teeth that is missing with comfortable, healthy and aesthetically good looking teeth replacements. To be more specific, a prosthodontist specializes in dentures, permanent bridges, implant bridges and use of crowns to provide healthy smile and bite.

2. When should you see a prosthodontist?

People who suffer from decayed, infected, missing or broken down teeth should visit a prosthodontist. People who suffer from poor chewing ability, regular pain, discomfort and bad bite normally feel hesitation or embarrassment to smile, so such patients should immediately visit a prosthodontist. Other common issues for which one can visit a prosthodontist are painful dentures, cosmetic treatment for children or adults or severely damaged teeth from too much of acidy drinks consumption or teeth grinding. One should know when to see a prosthodontist when such conditions occur, because it is not wise to neglect or ignore such problems. Right diagnosis and treatment by a specialist will help you in restoring your teeth and bite and make it more beautiful, comfortable and healthy.

3. What kind of special training is given to a prosthodontist

They normally acquire two to three years of extra training after their regular four years of college and 4 years in dental college. Extra training for prosthodontists is acquired through a university or a hospital based program accredited by the ADA (American Dental Association). The training normally contains lectures, literature, treating patients and lab experience in making various types of cosmetic restorations.