homemadetoothpasteThough more and more improved toothpastes are coming in the market every day with something added and something deleted, dental health of maximum people is deteriorating day by day. The reason is we use all chemical substances to clean our teeth and going away from Nature, who has created us along with our teeth. If we look around, we can get a number of substances which clean our teeth naturally and in a much safer way than the readymade toothpastes available on the market. We can make our best toothpaste at home at a fraction of cost of the readymade toothpaste and keep our teeth healthier. You may wonder whether a natural homemade toothpaste will really work. We will count here the benefits, reading which you can better decide.


By now, you are aware of the harm caused to the upper layer of our teeth i.e. enamel by the chemical toothpastes. And upon rupture of this enamel cavities are sure to take place. Natural toothpastes don’t cause harm to the enamel and clean and whiten teeth safely and gently. This is because the ingredients being natural are non-abrasive so as not to erode the enamel. Even ingredients like silica when used in toothpastes whiten teeth creating small ruts and holes which gather plaque and tartar readily inviting cavities.

Avoidance of Triclosan

Triclosan is added to some chemical toothpastes because it is considered to be effective against tooth decay and gingivitis. Although it has not been proved harmful to humans, animal testing reveals that it can affect regulation of hormones and increase resistance amongst bacteria against antibiotics. Natural toothpastes don’t have triclosan and therefore are free from risks posed by it.   

Essential Oils

Homemade toothpastes are to be made using essential oils because of which gums are stimulated and it has also an effect on mind to make it more focused and clear. On the contrary, the artificial flavoring in the chemical toothpastes possibly cause damage to the mouth and go against any possible advantages beyond the instant, artificial freshness which you experience in the mouth. Since ancient times, essential oils are being used for their numerous health benefits. In yoga, essential oils are advised to be used orally to take impurities out from the lymph system and kill bacteria in teeth. Well, we can’t dream of this procedure these days, but if our toothpaste includes essential oils, their benefits are automatically reflected in our oral health.

Freedom from Fluoride

Fluoride is being considered the main culprit for bone decay, issues of immunity and reproductive system and/or cancer. Natural toothpastes use natural ingredients like neem, mint extract or sage in place of fluoride to give the same benefits without causing any harm.


Always it has been seen that Nature can decompose things which She has created Herself. But She has not been programmed to decompose things which are created by man. As a result, artificial chemicals always disturb ecosystem and cause dangerous consequences. Same rule applies to chemical toothpastes too. When we wash our mouth and the used toothpaste is drained in the ecosystem, the ingredients can cause dangerous issues if they are chemical, whereas if they are natural, they will decompose easily without causing any harm to the ecosystem.

It is a little time-consuming to make toothpaste at home; however, looking at its benefits, spending time is worth. You and your family should get all the benefits of the natural homemade toothpastes because your oral health is equally important as your overall health.