best toothpasteYour oral health is not limited to your mouth. It has more importance than that. It can often indicate how your overall health is. There is an intimate connection between the health of your mouth and body and therefore you should keep a good oral health by using the best toothpaste, toothbrush, and other oral hygiene products.

Connection between Health of Mouth and Body

Your mouth abounds in bacteria just like your rest of the body, most of which are harmless. In normal cases, the natural defense of body and a good oral care can keep these bacteria well under control. However in case of lack of proper oral health care they can reach a level which might be dangerous enough to cause infections, like gum disease and tooth decay. Certain medicines like decongestants, painkillers, antihistamines and diuretics can reduce flow of saliva, which is helpful in washing away food and neutralizing acids produced by bacteria in the oral cavity, thus protecting you from entry or growth of microbes which leads to diseases.

Studies have revealed that oral bacteria and inflammation caused by perodontitis might have a role in some diseases. Plus, some conditions like diabetes and HIV/AIDS can reduce body’s resistance power against infection, deteriorating oral health problems.

Overall Body Problems Connected to Oral Health

Oral health might have an effect on, get affected by or add to various conditions or diseases of body, like:

Endocarditis – Endocarditis is inflammation of the inner lining of heart. It is characteristically caused by bacteria or other microbes from other parts of your body like your oral cavity, spread via your blood circulation and adhered to damaged parts of your heart.

Diabetes – Diabetes is known to reduce body’s immunity to infections and thus putting gums to risk. Gum disease seems to be more prevalent in the diabetics. Research has shown that patients of gum disease find it difficult to control their blood sugar.

Osteoporosis – Osteoporosis is a disease that makes bones brittle and weak is believed to be associated with periodontal tooth loss and bone loss.

Cardiovascular Disease – There is some research available which suggests that cardiovascular disease, blocked arteries and stroke might be associated with inflammation and infections which are caused by oral bacteria.

HIV/AIDS – People with HIV/AIDS suffer commonly from oral problems like painful mucosal lesions.

Pregnancy and Childbirth – Periodontitis is linked to premature childbirth and low birth weight.

Alzheimer’s Disease – Loss of teeth before the age of 35 might be a risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

Importance of Keeping Good Oral Health

From the above observations, you can understand how important it is to keep a good oral health. You can keep it by:

  • Brushing teeth minimum twice in a day
  • Flossing daily
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Changing your toothbrush every three or four months or even sooner if bristles are worn out
  • Visiting your dentist regularly

Also, see your dentist right on getting any dental problem, because curing your oral problem will keep your overall good health.