overeatingAre you sad because you know that your extra weight has resulted from your habit of overeating but you cannot leave the habit? Well, here are some surprising things that make you overeat without your knowledge, knowing which can help you leave the habit.

1. Poor Sleep


Lack of sleep increases your levels of gherlin, the hunger-driving hormone and lowers levels of leptin, the feel-full hormone, and you may overeat!


2. Healthy Food Exchanges


We don’t realize that satiety is not only your stomach feeling full, but it also about satisfying your desire for your favorite flavors and textures. For example, when you feel like eating potato chips and don’t eat that but an apple, you go on eating other things, like a cheese slice, a granola bar and finally chips too. Though you try to satisfy yourself with another food, you won’t feel satisfied unless you get that particular flavor. This doesn’t mean that you should kick out healthy food replacements to unhealthy ones. But choosing foods that are healthy but have a flavor closer to your choice of unhealthy food’s flavor can do the job. For example, kale chips in place of potato chips.


3. Extra Strict Diets


Well, strict diets are supposed to stop you from overeating, right? But in fact, they are a great trigger for overeating. Extremely low-calorie diets start a pattern of psychological and biological hunger and cravings. Our body considers food and calorie restriction as starvation; so, when a strict diet is followed, a signal is given by your brain to find not only food, but additional food in case there is starvation again. Previously if we didn’t obey these signals, we’d die. Today, these signals only make you overeat, feel miserable and overeat again. So, instead of following such diets, follow the DietSpotlight weight loss blog where you’ll find real weight loss tips.


4. Artificial Sweeteners


You may be surprised to know that artificial sweeteners not only make the food tastily overeatable, but also interfere with the ability of your body to know when to stop eating, says the research by Purdue University. The researchers say that since these sweeteners are crazy sweet (had you an idea that they are 200 to 7,000 times sweeter than regular sugar?) but have zero calories, they weaken the ability of your body over time to count calories as per the food’s sweetness. This means that your body finds it increasingly harder to know when it should feel full and when to stop eating.

Keep in touch with the scientific facts about weight loss and head towards a healthy weight.