bitter orangeAppetite Crusher Super Energy is a wonderful product that has been formulated especially to crush appetite and bring about weight loss naturally. Although it crushes appetite and so, you will not tend to eat more often, it also takes care that you don’t feel weakened because it provides you a super dose of energy with its awesome ingredients. Instead of consuming a lot of caffeine in the form of numerous cups of coffee in a day, you just have to take in 2 capsules of Appetite Crusher Super Energy and you will feel energetic across the day and lose extra pounds simultaneously. We would like you to read more about its ingredients which are 100% natural, effective, potent and devoid of adverse effects.

Senephrine (Bitter Orange)

Having the scientific name Citrus aurantium, bitter orange is a plant and has been used in medicines since ages. Its fruit, flower, leaves and peel have medicinal properties. Its peel is used to extract bitter orange oil.

Bitter orange or senephrine is taken orally as well as applied to skin. When applied to skin, it rectifies many skin disorders like fungal skin infections.

Along with many other uses, bitter orange is mainly used as a tonic, meaning it helps in rectifying the wear and tear and recovers the lost energy. It also regulates fat and sugar levels in blood, thereby it contributes to weight loss.

bitter orange

Beta PEA (B-Phenethylamine HCL)

Also known as Beta PEA or B- B-Phenethylamine HCL, phenethylamine is a natural chemical found in the body and also can be made in the lab. It is taken orally for weight loss, improving athletic performance and improving mood and focus.

Its function is to stimulate body to produce certain compounds that have a role in depression and other mental conditions. Those whose body cannot produce sufficient phenethlamine naturally can get a great help by taking phenethalamine supplement. Because it improves mood and depression, the user’s tendency to eat is improved and weight loss is achieved.


Cinnamon has been used since ages in the cuisines of various cultures across the world and it’s also famous for its medicinal properties. Besides having a range of therapeutic advantages, Cinnamon is known to suppress appetite, regulate blood sugar, lower cholesterol and speed up metabolism; and with all these properties it brings about weight loss. It’s especially known for reducing belly fat.

You can make use of cinnamon by boiling some sticks of it in water and drink cinnamon water or by adding cinnamon powder to your coffee or juices for a wonderful flavor. But the best way is to take Appetite Crusher Super Energy where it is accompanied by many other healthy ingredients.


Vanadium Sulfate

Vanadium sulfate is a source of vanadium which is a mineral used for weight loss and a variety of its other health benefits like lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, and treating anemia, heart disease, TB and edema.

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder is known all over the world for making the extremely delicious chocolate and chocolate is looked down upon by health and weight loss enthusiasts. But if you are a chocolate fan and want to lose weight, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that cocoa powder is in fact helpful in losing weight! It increases fat metabolism, stimulates serotonin (chemical that improves mood and reduces appetite) production and it’s low in calories. Plus, cocoa powder has a number of other health benefits, i.e. by consuming cocoa powder you become lightweight and healthy too.

cocoa powder

Start using Appetite Crusher Super Energy and see yourself losing weight but not energy!