weight loss with paleo dietPaleo diet is considered good for its functioning and making one slim and smart. Paleo food includes whole of unprocessed food that comes in its natural form. This concept belongs to our ancestors who thrived on eating such foods and were protected from many diseases i.e. diabetes, obesity and chronic heart diseases.

Many types of research have been done that has shown good effects of paleo diet upon health. Those suggested that this diet has a significant impact on health and contribute to weight loss without calorie count. Paleo diet meal plan can be devised by own choice & preferences. A Paleolithic human chose a variety of food and did not bond to only one.

Best food:

Paleo diet is considered the best due to various benefits of naturally available food items. Egg, meat, vegetables, fish, nuts, fruits, seeds, and natural oils never contain any hazardous element for health. Processes food often contains hazardous items, chemicals, salt, sugars, fats, and high carbohydrates.

1000 Calorie diet plan can be built on the food above revision. One makes sure to take alternative meals on different days, and make a diet plan to manage this calorie level. The most important element in weight reduction is that this food is simple. Eating simple leads to eating less, it is evident from many studies. This helps lot in shedding pounds of weight.

Plans for weekdays:

To minimize the calorie requirements, one must follow simpler food plans on the daily basis. For instance, to work out on a seven days plan while limiting the calories level to 1000 per day, a schedule needs to be designed. In breakfast, boiled eggs with spinach and avocado salad is a complete meal, offering no more than 300 calories. In meal two, olive salad with grilled salmon & fennel is sufficient undertaking. The third meal may contain noodles and Italian meatballs.

Some more 1000 calorie diet plan is given here. These food items greatly serve the purpose.

For next day, first meal should contain scrambled eggs with salmon & chives. It is a less than 300 calorie composition. Next meal is last day’s leftover meatballs with mixed avocado salad. This comprises of 400 calories. Third meal of the day should be composed of carrot & beef patties, baked sweet potatoes with coleslaw. This will give 350 calories.

Mixed berries smoothie with coconuts can be used in the next day’s meal. This also can be taken with red capsicum and meat rolls. This will provide proteins and good fats that yield about 400 calories. Chilly garlic prawns and spinach with mix vegetables and made with olive oil is the best food to take.

Grilled asparagus with soft boiled eggs is the best for breakfast. In lunch, you can take sardine in olive oil and goat’s milk Greek salad. It merely contains 300 calories. At supper you can take pumpkin & Asian salad with cucumber which is a very light food containing 200 calories.

Baked eggs with mushrooms made in olive oil are used as breakfast. Smoked paprika aioli with rocket salad which comprises of tomato, onion, reddish and balsamic dressing is a perfect lunch.

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