take breast cancer off your menu bookAny type of cancer is fearsome. But the rate of spread of breast cancer in women is even more fearsome. Research is continuously going on to prevent this monster and scientists are getting success sparingly; however, it’s very important that every woman should know and become aware of the facts about it – what they can do, eat or drink, and how they can behave and make changes in their lifestyle so that risks can be minimized. It is with this intention, that Hilda Glickman has written an excellent e-book named Take Breast Cancer off Your Menu which will prove an eye-opener for you.

It has been observed that every ten minutes, a new woman in the UK is diagnosed with breast cancer. And all through the world the situation is more or less the same.

Hilda Glickman notes that according to the latest research, there are many microscopic tumors in our bodies which don’t develop into cancerous tumors; why? It’s because of the goodness of our immune system. Cancerous cells are produced all the time in our body, but our body deals efficiently with them if our immunity is strong enough. It has been proved by a huge amount of research that this is possible. And therefore, this book has been written to let you know how to strengthen your immunity.

How will “Take Breast Cancer off Your Menu” will Help You Ward Off Cancer?

In the book “Take Breast Cancer off Your Menu” you will find the very latest information with which you can make your body healthy to an optimum level and will protect you from breast cancer. It’s fortunate that cancer doesn’t occur overnight, but takes several years to develop through many different stages, like initiation, promotion, development, actual cancer and its spread. This means we can get enough time to do something before the microscopic cells take the form of actual cancer. Hilda Glickman has effectively shown how what we eat and do has a powerful impact on our health and disease prevention.

Power of Ordinary Foods

In the book “Take Breast Cancer off Your Menu”, it has been brought to women’s attention how ordinary-looking foods can protect us from the life-threatening disease. The book is for both – those who want to prevent the disease and for those who were its victims and want to stop if from returning, though it is not actually about treating cancer, neither it is an alternative for the medical treatment.

Main Aim of the Book

Common women who are not very academic-minded and are busy in their household, jobs, family, etc usually don’t care a lot for their own health and they take it for granted that breast cancer won’t grab them. This is a wishful thinking. Any woman can fall prey to the dreadful disease and treatment is still not available. So, prevention is better than cure. Ironically, the huge research which has shown that just some changes in food habits and lifestyle can prevent breast cancer is published in medical journals after which they gather dust in various libraries and are usually far from the reach of common women. Therefore, the book Take Breast Cancer off Your Menu aims at bringing this amazing research and information to you so that you can take due precautions with simple changes in your lifestyle.

Read the interesting preview of the book and you will realize that you should act upon things given in it. Get the book and get a peace of mind that you are going keep the monster of cancer at bay for life.