bladder problemsThe human body is something which is subjected to act naturally and instinctively. Often, the body is not subjected to be able to take forceful orders from the brain which could be related to bladder infection symptoms.

There are two kinds of muscles in the body. The first one is the voluntary muscles that are the limbs, facial muscles etc. These muscles can be easily controlled by the human beings. On the other hand there are certain muscles that are not beyond the control of human beings. These are called involuntary muscles. Muscles such as the heart muscles, stomach etc. are examples of involuntary muscles.

The bladder is basically involuntary muscle but a certain degree of control can be exercised on this muscle. The degree of control that can normally be exercised is that the muscles can be contracted or expanded. This contraction process helps in urination of a person.

However, the human anatomy causes the urine to create an immense pressure near this bladder muscles. The ability to contract is only for a very limited period of time. Basically one would get just enough time to go the toilet when he feels the pressure.

Very common and unhealthy practices by many students are that they generally try to avoid going to toilet although there is an enough pressure on the bladder. It happens because of the fact that the students fear the teacher and are very scared to seek permission to go the toilet. This tendency is commonly seen with children at the school.

The risks of serious health hazards for the children are far more hazardous because of the fact that their body is not strong enough to resist much tension and they are not able to understand their physical needs instantly.

When the bladder movement is forcefully restricted, it firstly causes the bladder muscles to get restricted. Whereby, in course of time the muscles can get weakened and thus cause immense damage to the bladder. Secondly, there is also a chance that the kidney may be affected. The function of the kidney is to filter the waste and cause the excretion. When, the free flow excretion is restricted then there is a possibility that that the kidneys could suffer a reasonable amount of damage.

Thus, by merely trying to suppress the urine, it could result in serious health hazards. Thus it would be very important to have a healthy relationship between the student and teacher, so that the students would not hold on to the pressure for long hours.

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