Benefits from Milk Thistle ExtractThere are no liver cancer signs that are detectable until the advance stage of the cancer. Of liver symptoms, there only various pains connected to the abdominal area. The right shoulder blade experiences pain straight down to the abdominal area. Pain is also felt on the right side of the abdomen. Medical tests and examinations are the only other way to discover a swollen liver, an enlarged liver or a lump in the abdomen. Other symptoms include fever, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, jaundice, weight loss and loss of appetite. Treatments include a liver transplant, a resection or removal of parts of the liver and individual surgical removals of malignant tumors.

Pre-existing disease and conditions can lead to liver cancer. Illnesses to watch for are Cirrhosis and Hepatitis B & C. Careful caution should be used to enable prevention of certain conditions like toxins in foods, inflamed ducts, vitamin deficiencies and excessive iron stored up in the liver. Conditions can be examined with a blood test.

Liver disease like Cirrhosis is the result of excessive alcohol drinking usually over many years resulting in scar tissue that prevents blood to flow through the liver. Avoiding dehydration by drinking plenty of water between alcohol drinks and coffee can reduce the risk of Cirrhosis.

There is also a medicine used for over 2000 years in the treatment of liver disorders and only recently has been overlooked, ignored or completely forgotten because of modern medicines and lack of attention by conventional medical professionals. Milk Thistle, a plant and a member of the daisy family, has a history of helping liver disease disorders even until today.

Milk Thistle is extracted from the seeds of the plant that grows in the Middle East, North African and Mediterranean European regions. Recent clinical trials have shown successful results in dosages ranging from 600 mg against Type II Diabetes or 1200 mg daily against Hepatitis C.

Milk Thistle has also been used in the treatments of Cirrhosis too. Research reports that Milk Thistle repairs and prevents damage to the liver from medications and toxic chemicals. A 2009 study, Milk Thistle was used to reduce the liver damage effects of chemotherapy in 50 children.

There is controversy over the use of Milk Thistle in the treatment of liver disorders yet it has been used for over 2000 years and became very popular again in the last few hundred years.

Alternative medicine has become more popular today with many health food stores providing extracts from plants to treat all kinds of ailments. Hospitals even have alternative medicine clinics because there is some relief for patients. Integrative medicines using non-chemotherapies or targeted low dose chemotherapy with few or no side effects are becoming strong movements along with homeopathic treatments, Chinese medicine treatments and raw food diets. Though more studies need to be done patients cannot wait any longer.