50 gift ideas for alzheimer'sIf you have someone suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in your family or friends, you have a big question every year during Christmas time, what to gift them. Now, no worries! A superb book giving you 50 Tips For Finding Alzheimer’s Gift Ideas For The Holidays has been presented by Penelope Mont, so you don’t have to keep scratching your head.

It is important when you gift an Alzheimer’s disease patient that they can enjoy the gift and moreover, the gift can assist them and thereby make their daily routine better. The book “50 Tips For Finding Alzheimer’s Gift Ideas For The Holidays” by Penelope Mont is full of gift ideas and suggestions that can be used for not only Christmas but also for any other holidays and special events. Your Alzheimer’s loved ones will enjoy opening your gifts and will be delighted to see them.

The best thing about the book is the wonderful gift ideas for your beloved ones are easily modifiable for various levels of dementia.

If you are a caregiver to an Alzheimer’s patient, you won’t be short of gift ideas when you have this book and that will reduce much of your holiday stress.

It needs just to be a little more creative to find the “small kid” in our senior population. When a great gift idea is found, all children and grandchildren can come together to add to it with their special talents and also pack it beautifully for the grandpa or grandma.

The book “50 Tips For Finding Alzheimer’s Gift Ideas For The Holidays” by Penelope Mont is extremely helpful for families of Alzheimer’s disease patients, caregivers, hospice agencies, families and staff of nursing homes and assisted living, day care centers, church outreach programs, home health and agencies on aging, hospitals and many more.

You can find the book on Amazon books and it is available both as paperback and digital e-book formats.

About the Author:

Penelope Mont has an extensive experience as Special Education Teacher, Director of an Alzheimer’s Day Center Program, Geriatric Recreation Therapist, Director of Sales and Marketing for an Assisted Living community as well as Director of Activities. She is enjoying now a retired life and the loving visits from her two daughters and grandchildren. She lives with her charming 90-lb. dog – her best friend, entertainer and companion, in the lovely Beaufort County, SC. She has written many other books which you can check out on Amazon. Check also her Alzheimer’s guide books on www.alz-support-steps.com.

50 gift ideas for alzheimer's