Neck PainA surprising number of people experiences neck pain, usually due to lifestyle choices and habits. Neck pain can be ordinary, but if persistent, it can turn out to be something bigger and more critical, so don’t hesitate to check it with your doctor. Try to lead a healthy and active lifestyle and include drugs as well as some alternatives, because it could just as well help you prevent a surgery. By following some of the 3 advices listed below, you’ll find a quick solution that could prevent your pain.

1) A New Pillow

There are many options you can explore for the comfort of your neck while sleeping so as to improve or prevent neck pain; it’s a relief for some when they find a flat pillow, while for others it’s so when they try out an orthopedic pillow because there’s extra support under the neck. For some, taking a pillow for support while side-lying will be the best option, and for others, a recliner will do the job. However, if you are like the majority of the people who change their position during the night, give yourself several options and keep different pillows for different positions close to you.

choose the right pillow

2) Sleep on Your Back if Possible

If you’re looking for the best position for your spine, this is it. You can even try adding a pillow under each arm because that will take the strain off your neck. If this doesn’t work for you, another option is adding a foam wedge pillow to your bed and/or get an adjustable bed. On the other hand, if you like sleeping on your side, it’s important to make sure that the pillow is not too high to prevent your neck from bending unnaturally.

3) Computer Monitor at Eye Level

Sit before your computer and shut your eyes; upon opening your eyes, you should be able to gaze directly in the center of the screen. If you have to look down, you may need to change your monitor position, that is, to move it higher. You will usually need to look down when using a laptop, so it may be a good idea to connect it to a separate screen.

If you follow any of the steps given above, you’ll be able to improve your neck injury or prevent neck pain.