mental alertnessThe duty of a caregiver is quite tough because s/he has to monitor multiple things regarding her/his patient, like maintaining hygiene, organizing the patient’s schedule, medication adherence, laundry, monitoring changes in patient’s health, like that in breathing, blood pressure, mental ups and downs, etc. During these multiple types of tasks, there is a major responsibility on a professional caregiver to maintain the mental alertness of her/his patient. Here are some tips.

1. Developing a Hobby

If your loved one (patient) is not bed-ridden and are able to do limited movements, you can help her/him develop a hobby such as gardening, cooking, quilting, painting etc depending upon her/his choice and ability to move.

2. Remembering Medications

One of the most important things patient should remember is to take medications on the stipulated timings. Elderly patients either forget to take them or purposefully avoid taking them just because they are bored of so many medications or some other reasons. It’s your duty to remind them of taking medications on time and here a best pill reminder/organizer app called CeyHello can be a great help to you. This app makes medication management not just an action, but fun, with moticons. Moticons are film clips or photos that can amuse your patient. It may be a fun gesture of your patient’s grandchild or her/his favorite actor or anything with which the pill organizer becomes an enjoyment for her/him rather than a boring call reminding of medications. The app also presents comfort of uploading the prescription which your patient can conveniently refer to while taking medications. The CeyHello app is available on Google Play.

Trump Moticon

3. Socializing

You can help your patient socializing by opening a way for her/him to communicate with others. The above-mentioned CeyHello app also has one way to do this in the form of Care Circle because of which all the loved ones can contact your patient and so, your patient can get rid of loneliness. Through such a social medium, your patient can also connect to new people and thus their interest in living can increase.

Couple sending a moticon to their loved one

4. Physical Activities

Based on the comfort level of your patient, you can encourage her/him to participate in mild to moderate physical activity, like walking, lifting hands, neck exercises, etc.

5. Board Games

At an older age, and especially if your patient is not very computer savvy, it’s hard to make her/him engage in video games even on a smartphone. But s/he may easily play board games like chess, carom or the puzzles in newspapers. So, you can encourage her/him to do that.

Thus by engaging her/him in different activities, you can maintain your patient’s mental alertness. And that will help keep her/him physically healthy too.