assisted livingFor elderly people going through a transitional stage of aging, assisted living centers might be the best housing solution. If someone requires help for their daily activities without being constantly supervised, having an arrangement with assisted living facilities can be right what they need. The difference between nursing homes and assisted living is the control and autonomy of their residence. Allowing elderly people to continue acting independently, while providing constant necessary care is a key facet of assisted living. In these facilities, apartment-style housing arrangements are common for privacy and comfort of residents, but usually with the benefit of housekeeping.

Why is this arrangement important for the society in general? People should be allowed to live their lives to the fullest, although they might need the assistance with managing medication and food preparation. But, there’s more to this. In assisted living centers, staff members usually help residents not only with regular tasks, but they also create schedules for social activities, nutrition plans etc. Nevertheless, the residents themselves determine those activities, which they couldn’t do at nursing homes. Other day-to-day activities that facility may assist with are dressing, bathing and shopping.

If asked a question whether nursing home or assisted living is better, professionals employed in both facilities will strongly agree that “it depends”. If a person needs constant care because of the age or medical condition, nursing homes are the only possible option. However, in case living alone entails too much work for the person, but constant medical or social care isn’t necessary, assisted living are better choice. Many people are opposed to the idea of moving into any of these facilities, because they might feel too young or afraid. Nevertheless, good senior care facility offers supportive environment which is crucial for a high-quality life in golden years.

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