CancerToday cancer is so widespread that people are extremely scared and die simply because of the fear of cancer.

Heshoutang Natural Health has come up with a new concept about cancer. Here is the information about this new concept which will help you get rid of the fear of cancer.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a type of imbalance between your fire and water energy. In normal cells, there is a balance between these two energies. When water energy becomes low due to excessive eating or when fire toxin becomes excessive due to its intake or its production inside the body, normal cells start acting weird. As a result, certain processes start happening inside the body, e.g. you easily feel hungry or thirsty, your blood sugar and blood pressure rises, you start experiencing hot flushes, hyperthyroidism, severe constipation, bad breath, dry mouth, burning sensation during urination, ulcers, strange odor in private parts and so on. It’s this time, when cancer metastasis starts too.

What are the Causes of Cancer?

We have explained in our earlier articles that all diseases in the human body occur due to factors like weather, emotions, foods and drinks, work, sex, leisure and heredity. People are better off with managing all these factors while keeping themselves calm and in such a way that none of these factors is too much or too less. Managing any of these factors wrongly can create an imbalance of fire and water energies, eventually giving rise to various diseases.

An interesting observation is that emotions have a big role to play in your health, because, as mentioned in our earlier articles, mind or spirit decides actions and actions bring results. Mind or spirit even controls how you think; hence, naturally it generates your emotions too.

Short-tempered people are at a higher risk of developing cancer of liver and gall bladder, whereas people who overthink are at a higher risk of developing the cancer of digestive system. People who constantly remain in deep grief have a greater risk of getting lung cancer, whereas overly anxious people can fall prey to blood cancer (leukemia) earlier and more severely than others. Excessive fear can speed up the process of development of cancer. Several people die faster when they are diagnosed with cancer, just because they get overly frightened and lose all hopes.

What is the Solution?

First off, you need to eliminate the fear of cancer from your mind. As mentioned earlier, mind or spirit controls even how you think, and fear will tremendously speed up the process of cancer development. Actually it’s better not to know about the presence of cancer before you come across the correct solutions in the first place. With cancer diagnosis, it’s very much needed to keep your mind calm and without fear.

Is surgery the second solution? Actually, no! Surgery can be performed only in emergencies. Healthy cells turn cancerous when people develop an environment in their body that creates and feeds cancer cells. In such a case, surgery can only remove those cancerous cells, but cannot remove the internal environment favorable to cancer development, and thus, the patient will develop cancer again after surgery.

Are chemotherapy and radiotherapy solutions for cancer healing? No! While these cancer treatments kill cancer cells, they kill healthy cells too. The worst part is that these treatments actually act like toxins that increase the intensity of the cancer-causing environment, thereby promoting the spread of cancer in the body more easily, and they cause a lot of pain too.

These above three cancer treatments ultimately cause death, sooner or later. In natural health system, on the other hand, the therapists try to remove the cancer-causing environment by removing excessive fire toxins and replenishing water energy. By achieving a balance of energy in the cancer cells, cancer cells can be turned to healthy cells or replaced with new healthy cells, simultaneously making use of other energies in the patient’s body. You just have to approach a correct natural health system therapist for the assessment of your body.

The third important thing is to cut the root cause of cancer. All diseases are caused by incorrect management of your emotions, foods and drinks, weather, work, sex and leisure which in turn cause bad habits. You’ll have to find out what type of bad habits you’ve developed and manage those habits correctly. This will be a big help to cut the root cause of your cancer and recover from the disease.

Knowing that you can fight cancer successfully with a natural cancer treatment, you should no longer be scared and that will cure your cancer soon!