colonics for parasitesProblems of gut are quite common and almost all people keep suffering from them. The major culprit here is parasites which enter our gut through foods and drinks we consume. We cannot avoid eating and drinking because we have to live. And therefore the entry of parasites is inevitable, and thus gastric problems are inevitable too. An effective way to get rid of them is colonics.

What is a Colonic?

Colonics for parasites, also known as colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation, is a procedure in which a practitioner streams gallons of water into your body via a tube popped in your rectum. The water washes out all the parasites, toxins and other dirt from your bowels and leaves them clean.

Benefits of Colonics

Regularisation of Bowel Movements

Colonics have a great benefit and that’s to end the constipation if you have it. Constipation can be a major cause of accumulation of parasites in your colon and it’s caused by slow or irregular bowel movements. Colonics rejuvenate your bowels and regularise their movement.

Relief from Gas and Bloating

Impaired gut health causes accumulation of gas and bloating, and the discomfort thereof. This is mainly caused by indigestion and disturbed intestinal flora. Colonics rebalance gut flora and improves the process of digestion. This eventually reduces gas and bloating.

Improvement in Energy Levels

Unclean colon may make you feel tired and fatigued. In that case, a colon cleanse can discard the very cause of the tiredness and improve your energy levels.

Improvement in Skin Health

Impurities from the unclean bowels can be absorbed into the blood and cause skin conditions including acne. Once your bowels are cleaned with colonics, skin conditions start improving.

Weight Loss

Unclean bowels can even affect fat metabolism in the body and the person may gain weight. Once the bowels are cleaned, weight starts reducing.


Although colonics are good for health, they should be performed only once in a while and not frequently. Frequent colonics can adversely affect your health rather than benefiting. They may wash out the essential helpful bacteria in the intestine due to which your gut may be damaged. As a result, you may experience leg cramps, lightheadedness or abnormal heart rhythm.

Individuals with heart problems or kidney disease should especially be careful while considering colonics because they already have problems maintaining proper fluid balance, and colonics can be dangerous to them.

The best approach is to discuss with your doctor and decide with their advice whether you should do colonics or not. Happy gut health!