bicycle-health-benefitsIf you want to be healthy and fit, you have to be physically active. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, cancer and mental illnesses are just some of the serious health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Riding a bike on a daily basis can help you reduce the risks of above mentioned health issues and, at the same time, it’s fun and environmental-friendly physical activity.

Basically, cycling is an aerobic activity, meaning that not only muscles, but also blood vessels, lungs and heart get a workout, too. Cycling cause breathing deeper, perspiration and the feeling of increased body temperature and that improves an overall fitness level of a bike rider. If you cycle on a regular basis, you can increase your cardiovascular fitness, muscle flexibility and strength, and joint mobility, while decreasing body fat levels and stress levels at the same time. In addition, cycling can strengthen your bones, improve coordination and posture, prevent or manage chronic diseases and reduce depression and anxiety.

Riding a bike is an ideal way to lose and/or control weight; it can raise the metabolic rate and burn body fat while building muscles. Nevertheless, if you would like to reduce weight, you need to combine cycling with a balanced diet. If you cycle steadily, you can burn about 300 calories/hour and according to research, a person should burn approximately 2,000 calories (minimum) on a weekly basis through working out. If you cycle every day for a half an hour, you can burn close to 5 kg (11 pounds) of fat in a year.

As I’ve already mentioned, cycling can improve coordination, balance and strength, while preventing fractures. Someone who has osteoarthritis could benefit from riding a bike, because it’s a low-impact type of activity, which means it doesn’t place too much stress on joints. Nevertheless, since it’s not a weight-bearing workout, cycling won’t help you if you’re suffering from osteoporosis.

It’s known that one can never forget to ride a bike, so why wouldn’t you climb aboard your bicycle and enjoy all the health benefits of daily cycling? If you don’t own it, look for cheap mountain bikes and enjoy this healthy, low-impact and fun physical activity.