If you think that a trampoline is just for children, you’re terribly wrong. In fact, this fun activity has numerous health benefits no matter how old you are. Of course, depending on your own situation and needs, you should choose and use a trampoline that fits best (check out GetTrampoline to help you decide on the product that’s most appropriate for you and your family). Right now, however, I’ll focus of positive effects of trampolining on your overall well-being.

It’s a cardio fitness with lower impact. When trampolining, the flexible surface moves users as they land, which means the negative impact of landing is reduced. Therefore, jumping in a trampoline is different from jogging, running or similar forms of cardio exercises because there is a lower impact of making contacts with the ground that could lead to joint and bone injuries of hips, knees and ankles. Still, the jumping motion enables trampoline users to increase their heart and breath rate if the fitness is performed at a moderate intensity on a regular basis.

It improves the lymphatic function. Jumping in a trampoline is extremely beneficial when it comes to the lymphatic system. As we all know, this system has a crucial role in immunity and collecting and removing waste from human organism. Even though any form of exercise helps generating the movement the lymphatic system needs to function properly, the trampolining when people are bouncing up-and-down is especially effective. Thus, jumping in a trampoline helps you clear your body of toxins and makes your immune system stronger.

It improves coordination and balance. The first couple of times when people use a trampoline, they have a hard time maintaining their balance. Nonetheless, trampolining is rather good for improving coordination and balance! It motivates the body to find its gravity center and balance before it lands again.

Finally, trampolining is incredibly fun! You jump, bounce and fly while effectively doing something great for your overall well-being. The lack of physical activity we see today is because people don’t find exercising fun. With a trampoline, you’ll surely be motivated and inspired to be physically active on a regular basis.