boost immune system naturallyNowadays, medicine can help us when we get sick, but it’s up to us to maintain good health to prevent illnesses to occur. How can we do that? Natural Immune System Restoration is of crucial importance if you want good health. So, here are some useful tips on boosting our immune system naturally.

Every day we are exposed to various (micro)organism that inhabit mucous membranes and skin and those that we inhale or swallow. Immune system decides whether or not these organisms will lead to illness or not. If the integrity of your defense mechanisms is intact, you won’t even notice those microorganisms. But, if you have over- or under-active immune system, you’ll be at a greater risk of getting infected or developing some other health condition.

Solve Environmental Issues – Water and air pollution, as well as heavy metal exposure alone or combined compromise the efficiency and effectiveness of human body’s defense mechanisms. I’m not suggesting living isolated, but filtering your water and cleaning up the air in your home/work space is recommended for boosting your immune system.

Reconsider your Lifestyle and Diet Choices – To boost your immune system, it’s crucial to correct your diet and to eat healthy foods, such as fresh organic vegetables and fruits, wholegrain cereals, lean proteins, legumes etc. On the other hand, if your diet is unhealthy, it can cause your entire organism to become unbalanced, starting with digestive system and finishing with troubles in elimination system. Unbalanced gastrointestinal processes affect humane immune system’s capability of doing its own job. It’s also recommended to limit coffee. Although it is full with antioxidants, it dehydrates the body. Whenever you drink coffee, drink at least 2 glasses of water before/after it. Also, try not to drink alcohol at all because alcohol abuse can be associated with an increased incidence of various (severe) infectious diseases and immune deficiencies.