snore-issuesWe all make jokes about people who snore loudly and that, I admit it, can be funny. However, snoring isn’t funny at all, but a serious business. Because of a snoring spouse, some people sleep in separate bedrooms and that can, eventually, ruin their marriage. What’s more, most people who snore loudly actually have sleep apnea, therefore they are at the increased risk of developing severe heart issues. Experts offering high quality snoring treatment in McAllen, Texas, have shared some useful tips with us; hopefully, these ideas will help you stop snoring.

1- Changing sleep position might be helpful. If you snore loudly, try not to lie on your back because it can make the soft palate and the base of the tongue collapse to the back wall of the throat; that causes a vibrating sound while sleeping. So, try to sleep on your side instead on your back. If this doesn’t help, you might be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea.

2- Cutting on alcohol is recommended. By reducing the resting tone of the throat muscles, sedatives and alcohol might cause snoring. The fact is, even people who usually don’t snore, do that after a few glasses of alcohol. If you already have snoring issues, drinking alcohol 4 to 5 hours before going to sleep will only make it worse.

3- Proper sleep hygiene is a must. Overtired people tend to sleep deeper and harder, thus their muscles become floppier and that leads to snoring. So, avoid poor sleeping habits and give your body and mind enough rest each day to prevent snoring and sleep apnea.

4- Nasal passages should be open. Narrowed or clogged nose doesn’t allow air to move through slowly enough and that can produce snoring. A hot shower before sleeping could help open your nasal passages, as well as rinsing out the nasal passages with saltwater solutions.

5- Keep allergens away from your bedroom. First of all, make sure you replace your pillows on a regular basis, because allergens in them might contribute to your snoring problems. Also, once a month put your pillow in the air fluff cycle. Don’t forget to dust the overhead ceiling fans and, in general, keep your bedroom clean. In case you have pets, reconsider allowing them to stay (or even sleep) in your bedroom.