"body massage"Since ancient times, body massage is being practised in different civilizations to relax the body and mind of the recipient. Amongst the uncountable varieties of body massage types, those have been the most popularized which are the most advantageous.

Acupressure – This is a famous massage and it has originated in China; it is closely related to acupuncture. In this, points of acupuncture are pressed physically with hand, elbow or any other tool.

Deep Tissue Massage – In this massage, the muscles below the top muscle surface are targeted. It is perfectly good for the patients of continuous aches or some long-term bodily injury or those who have to perform heavy exercises, like athletes. Sometimes, the original pain is replaced by a new pain for a day or two. However keep well in mind that deep pressure massage is something which is not at all similar to deep tissue massage.

Deep Pressure Massage – This massage is given to entire body in which a strong pressure is used. It is not given for a specific complaint. Its main goal is to give you total body relief.

Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage – This is a blend of oriental and western massages. It does not require oil-application or disrobing. It is done with foot or part of foot with a pressure less than that given by elbow or thumb. It is perfect for muscles like thigh, which is a big muscle. Renowned Olympics champion of America, Dara Torres, found this massage of great help while she was in training.

Ayurvedic Massage – This massage has arisen from India and is connected to Ayurvedic system of doshas, meaning humors. People from all over the world go to destinations like Goa or Kerala in India to get this massage done, because it truly rejuvenates the body.

Stone Massage – This massage mainly make use of a stone, which is heated, to give pressure on the body and heat it up. Oiled stones are also used for this purpose. These stones are found in rivers which naturally become extremely smooth. The benefit of the stones are to take out the tension from the patient’s body by rendering it the heat, when kept on the back.

Swedish Massage – This renowned massage is named as Classic Massage too, in countries where English is not an official language. It uses five styles of strokes, namely effleurage (sliding), petrissage (Kneading), tapotement (tapping), friction and vibration or shaking. This massage reduces pain and joint stiffness and improves functions of osteoarthritic patients, in eight weeks. It also improves circulation.

Traditional Chinese Massage – This includes mainly two parts, viz. Tui Na and Zhi Ya; the former includes pressing, kneading and stretching of the muscles and the later includes pinching and pressing of acupuncture points. Both of them are associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine. In reality, Tui Na does not fall into a massage, but it is a type of physiotherapy, which is used to cure musculoskeletal complaints, some ailments or sometimes headaches too.

Aromatherapy Massage – This uses one or more aromatic plant oils, such as sandalwood oil, according to the patient’s needs. These oils are relaxing, stress-reducing and energizing.

Shiatsu – In this massage, originated in Japan, acupuncture points are pressed and released with a particular rhythm, which soothes and rejuvenates the patient’s body .

Pregnancy Massage – This massage is gaining wide popularity among the carrying ladies. It helps in reduction of swelling, relief of pain and reduction of anxiety and depression.

Foot Massage – The other name of this massage is Reflexology and it is specifically ideal for those who stand on their feet for full day.

There are many other body massage types too, which offer relaxation to a particular body part. You can decide on your own or consult your doctor, which of them will suit you and it will certainly bring you a great relaxation and better life.

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