There are some therapeutic effects from aromatherapy massage since it is directly connected with brain’s limbic system. Limbic system gets stimulated, when you inhale essential oils during the therapy session. And this stimulation facilitates blood pressures, memory, stress levels, digestion and heart rate as well.

Various types of oils are used for different reasons in aromatherapy massage. Some oils are used to help people who suffer from insomnia and some others are used to help people who experience fatigue, some oils help in relaxing your muscles and others rejuvenate you. You should discuss with your masseur what problem you have actually and what are you looking for, and they will decide which oil is best for you. People experiencing depression, anxiety and other similar issues feel relaxed with the help of aromatherapy.

Some advantages of aromatherapy with various oils are as follows:

Lavender is the most popular scent used in aromatherapy. It helps in relieving stress and brings peace body and mind.

Jasmine oil is best known to cure anxiety and stress. It helps in relaxing and soothing your uptightness.

Essential oils like juniper, tea tree oil and chamomile are known for reducing pain because of inflammation. Chamomile is also good for healthy sleep.

Lemongrass is good for relieving pain.

Pepper mint, black pepper and ginger of pungent quality generate heath and stimulate circulation inside the body which can help in relieving acute pains. They also include some rejuvenating properties that awaken all your senses.

Other types of fragrant oils like sandalwood and rose help in changing your mood instantly and make you feel refreshed and happy.

Besides all the benefits of different essential oils mentioned above, there are many other medical conditions that have been cured with the help of these oils. People experiencing insomnia can expect a good quality sleep if they use particular scents on regular basis. There are people who use scents to have a deep sleep. Scents can also enhance your immune and respiratory system. People experiencing premenstrual syndrome, headaches, digestive issues, post-partum depression and other issues related to stress have obtained positive results with the help of aromatherapy. These massages can also speed up the process of low blood pressure and cancer recovery.