mobility scooterWhen you struggle with your mobility, it is natural to want to make your life as simple as possible without inuring yourself or spending unnecessary amounts of energy. No matter what your disability, there are many pieces of medical equipment that you can use both inside and out of the home to make life easier and to still keep your freedom.

Stair Lifts

A stair lift is a good example of a piece of equipment that can help you in the home. If you live in a house that has stairs and you struggle to get up and down the flight of stairs everyday due to balance or mobility problems, you can install a stair lift to help this situation. They can save you a lot of energy and you can get rid of the fear of falling down the stairs as well therefore improving your overall safety in the home too. Another advantage is that you can also carry things up the stairs on your lap without overbalancing.

Mobility Scooters

Riding a mobility scooter down the street, in a supermarket or in the park is a good way of getting out and about without becoming quickly exhausted. If you cannot walk long distances then a mobility scooter will enable you to travel further, turn sharper corners, have a smaller turning radius and help you get there faster as well, therefore improving independence and safety out of the home. For great deals on mobility scooters shop around and compare battery power, speed and size of scooters to find one that suits your needs.

Electric Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs that have an electric mechanism installed are a reliable piece of equipment for people travelling around the home or short distances outside. A manual wheelchair will generally cost less, but a powered wheelchair will enable you to keep your upper body rested whilst the chair does the work for you, enabling faster and smoother travel around the home. Electric wheelchairs can usually be controlled by a small joystick in the armrest for easy navigation, but make sure that you find it easy to use before you buy it so that you know you can work it independently.

Home Installments

You can also make small and large adjustments to your home to help with mobility around the house, even when you live alone. Grab bars and rubber mats in the bathroom are cheap and effective solutions for preventing slipping on the wet surfaces. Walk in tubs can also be installed so that you don’t risk falling as you climb over a bath’s high sides. In the living area, you may want to install a lift chair so that you can get up and sit down easily as well. These types of chairs can assist you in supporting your body as well as improving ease of getting up and sitting down. Overall, there are many types of installations that you can get to help you with moving around your home and outside much more easily.