pool liftThink back to those long, hot summer days. Were you ever pea green with envy at those individuals who had a swimming pool right in the backyard? There is little that can rival that feeling of plunging into the cool water on a hot day. However, for those suffering from a disability which restricts their movement this is not possible. It is often something able bodied people over look, but if you suffer from a limited range of movement, getting in and out of a swimming pool is a very difficult task and as a result many disabled people have given up on swimming altogether. However,  this need not be the case as technology has provided us with equipment that can overcome these obstacles and live as normal a life as is possible.

Pool Lifts Offer Independence

It is truly  shame for disabled people to miss out on the opportunity to get in the water as it can provide great therapy possibilities. That is why pool lifts are such a fantastic innovation. Anyone who has some difficulty in getting in and out of a swimming pool due to mobility issues can benefit from one of these lifts which provide disabled people with a new found level of independence. The ability to do the same thing as everyone else is treasured by those with limited mobility, so being able to get in and out of the pool on their own is a tremendous step. The swimming pool lift truly is one of the most important developments in mobility products.

 Reaping The Benefits

The independence that comes with a pool lift is one of the key emotional benefits, but in addition to that, there are many physical benefits that are unlocked by the ability to get into the pool as well. A swimming pool is a great location for various different forms of physical therapy because the water offers both resistance and support. This means that there is far less strain placed on the body during exercise which is often a major consideration for those with physical disabilities. The natural buoyancy of the water is ideal for those with injuries or disabilities which affect the back, muscles or joints. The water is able to elevate the body’s level of flexibility while keeping the body at a stable temperature unlike other forms of exercise.

Even if you do not have your own swimming pool in your yard, it is now a legal requirement that all public pools in leisure facilities, hotels and spas have an approved swimming pool lift, so you should be able to find a pool locally which you ca use and take advantage of the benefits that the water has to offer. A physical disability should not hold you back from doing things that you enjoy and thanks to a pool lift you could get back in to the water and reap all the benefits that comes with both swimming and aquatic therapy. Even if you have no physical issues, aquatic exercise might be  right for you.