eye trackingDo you often get scared of the thought that what if in old age your muscles stop working? It’s indeed a scaring thought because if you become immobile due to some problem in your spinal cord, your hands and neck stop moving and you are terribly disabled, you cannot communicate with anyone neither can you get any information through the internet.   If you are worried about having to stop your computer work due to old age or disability or you or your loved one is suffering from the trouble right now, you should get more information about the amazing Tobii eye tracking technology.

What is Eye Tracking Technology?

Eye tracking technology enables you to work at your computer and internet with just the movements of your eyes and so, you need not use any switch, mouse, etc. You can just ‘gaze’ at your computer’s monitor and control the cursor with the movements of your eyes. You may think that it may be troublesome and slow; but the fact is accessing computer and internet through this way is fast and ergonomical and lets you enjoy the computer and internet despite disability.

Benefits of Tobii Eye Tracking Technology

Personal Freedom: Tobii eye tracking technology offers you a great freedom on personal level. You need not take assistance of anyone to operate your computer and internet. You can do it on your own.

Socializing: You can socialize on your social network accounts because of eye tracking technology without any problem. Otherwise, disabled people, being unable to move their hands or neck, cannot even communicate with their friends and family. Eye tracking eliminates the loneliness from your life and you can enjoy talking to people.

Brings You Knowledge: The internet is a vast ocean of knowledge. If you can work on it, you can get an access to a lot of information. You can make use of that and increase your knowledge. You can learn many things and bring them into use just with your eye movements.

Environment Control: You can also operate several devices around you in your home or office just with your eye movements and thus have a control in your environment. Lights, TVs, toys, DVD players, telephones and many more gadgets can be operated with eye tracking.

Being Functional: With the ability to work with your eye movements, you don’t have to retire from work or stop studying. You can still be functional and study or work efficiently.

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